We – the learning Parents

We – the learning Parents

It’s Friday today and our hearts are eagerly waiting for a weekend, a weekend to just unwind and relax. Saturday is the only day when we get a break from the routine namely 1,2,3,4 done! It was for some time, I was looking out for some funny pics of our dear Dadda and his chicks and yesterday finally found some time and mood to publish it. It was a real fun and while I was aware he would at least give me a straight stare at publishing his pics public, he did not. He along with many enjoyed the pics and videos. So, what’s the truth about this so-called fun time? Every Mom knows!! That comprises to only say 1-2 percent of the day and probably 2-3 days a week. What about the remaining? Yes…….

Even as we were young parents to Oliver, struggling to connect and treat our growing little one rightly. We observed and learnt many Godly principles and truths from God’s Word and the people around us (through fellowship). Oliver has bitten that chappati, his jollu (saliva) is on it, we cannot have that!! Such parents were we!! sadly I should say!! Yet we observed the genuine and loving way in which not one, yet many parents around us treated their children with love and dignity and we began to seek to follow that language of love. Today by the grace of God, we are both fine to share in the same plate and eat the leftovers of the children….why not !! Let’s not waste food;)

“Children, Mumma is speaking to Aunty” or “Dadda is speaking something very very important, your silly insignificant narration can wait or be buried forever”! That was the ‘we’ we were!!! Oliver came running the other day telling me, ” Mumma, Imelda wanted to play with me and I said yes because Jesus said let the children come to me!!” How are the innocent hearts so ready to receive and follow the Word of God yet we adults have many times gone astray. We would have continued in the selfishness of our pride as adults until we observed and lived amongst those parents who were willing to give their all to their children. “Mumma, ……..”! “Sister, please excuse me” ” Yes, beta …tell me!” Yes, we adults can wait. By the way this has happened many times to me because I am that sister. I have to wait patiently until the beta of that Mom finishes his narration, question, doubt or simple talk!! Yes, I can wait for 30 minutes or even an hour, I can and have to! Today, we are learning to walk in that way and if we are really caught up in something really important, we gently tell the children after 5 minutes and make sure to call them back to finish with their talk.

Mumma, I don’t like what you just told me!! While it’s hard to receive such a statement from a growing child yet it’s our obedience to the Word of God to listen to them and respond. Yes, Mumma can be wrong and Dadda also can be wrong. Yes, many times, we have spoken and punished our children in anger and pride and we are learning to apologize to them when we are wrong. Because at the end of all matter it’s the same Holy Spirit Who convicts us, and we hope works in the lives of these children.

Dear, let’s not make such a comment on the child or use such a word and make fun of him. Yes, we have repented when we have made fun of our children. Who convicts us? The same Holy Spirit Who guides us to treat all people older to us with respect also tells us to treat all mankind with gentleness. Do not provoke a child!! Yes, we have, and we have also sought God’s abundant grace to help us get rid of all these sins in our lives.

And there is something that I have been encouraged again and again. Children learn from what they see much more than what they are taught. Let them learn how to speak to others by the way they get to see us speaking to each other and to them. Let them see us as hard-working man and woman not hardly working people stuck with us gadgets day in and out. What they see often, they will imbibe into their nature and character. Today Oliver helps me with the dishes, and I am so happy he enjoys doing that. The middle two love helping Dadda dry clothes. He says the work is done faster with their help. Let them see that no job at home is insignificant. There is so much to write and express, especially because the Lord is after us to teach us – the new covenant parenting!! Leaving behind the ways of old…we press on to perfection.

Dear..I feel discouraged!! Why is it taking so long!! Why is our struggle not coming to an end..is God on our side?

Neve (The new Covenant Eve – as he calls me today!!), have you seen the bamboos in the forest? While the other trees grow and shoot up fast, yet this plant starts and grows slowly, little by little and one might even say there is no growth in the plant yet finally it shoots up higher than any plant in the forest. We might be growing slowly. God hasn’t finished His work with us and in us. We are in progress……!!!!

and I say …Amen!

I'm Jesse Lalhrietkim Silas. I like to write down my journey as a wife and mother of four and welcome to my blog.

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