Chaotically Beautiful

Chaotically Beautiful

And this morning, I wish and hope to begin my journey of writing once again even as I am home alone with our 6-month-old boy – Craig.

I am aware that even the slightest sound of the flip of the pages of this dairy could wake up this gentle sleeper, yet I hope to somehow complete this article sitting in the same room where he is asleep.

Yes, it’s true, our home today is chaotically beautiful. I can see a rolled-up blanket on the floor right in the middle of the living room. Two pairs of slippers laying somewhere along the pathway between the living room and the children’s room, lunch is half done and vessels are still stacked up in the sink, Craig needs a diaper change soon, he has started solids and I am not sure what to feed him today and I am six months post partum, with a high pony tail, sitting on the floor happily trying to finish something I have just started.

It was a Friday afternoon, and I was not yet done with the cleaning of the house, the Friday fellowship meeting was to take place at our place. I noticed the glass tray beside the wash basin quite hairy – dense and black hair from my husband’s beard had covered a portion of the transparent tray. Eew !! It looked messy and I needed to clean it up! Yet a still soft voice spoke to me from within – it’s ok Jesse! Chill!! Let the home look as normal as it has ever been. Phew what a relief! (Please don’t get me wrong, we always make sure to keep the living room accommodating and the toilets clean and usable:) )

Why are our hearts so captivated to the unrealistic perfection? Why do we have to smudge our background and foreground to eliminate the realistic views of our lives? Why do we hesitate to be the normal us! A home with small children is a chaotic one – and to be honest this is beautiful! Let’s rip ourselves off the virtuality of life and live our lives in the true meaning of reality.

I'm Jesse Lalhrietkim Silas. I like to write down my journey as a wife and mother of four and welcome to my blog.

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