You need not prove anything to mere men?

Dear friends, you might face many situations in your life and in order to justify yourself you might even have a very convincing reply- yet the truth is ….

There is a virtue in ‘ being misunderstood by people for taking the right stand‘. Don’t worry if people don’t understand your stand.

There is a virtue in

suffering for the right thing

There is a virtue in

doing the right thing even though you might lose something’

There is a virtue in

doing things differently if that is what God requires of you’.

Even as I was driving back home from church today, and Uncle who always guides me through ‘ dey..leftka po! go…quickly….don’t allow so much of gap …… go near to the car lest a bike would get in……goo…’ and I would ‘ wait, there is a bike to my right. I cannot..!!!’ ….and thus we would ride a roller coaster each time we go out not just me probably  everyone in Chennai…!! There used to be a time when people would fear to even cross the road with a very little traffic. These days people ramp in the middle of the road and we who drive need to be so cautious lest we hit them.

So, yes, I was thinking much about Joseph….yes…Joseph don’t you know him? I think he is a well-known person.

Yes, the same Joseph who was sold as a slave to Egypt ( Bible – Genesis 37 onwards) He underwent so many trials and none of these were due to his wrong doings. Moreover he was such a righteous person. God allowed it. God had a wonderful plan for his future. Now, we don’t read of a single incident wherein he justifies himself. Even when he was wrongly accused by Potiphar’s wife, he did not make a voice….. ‘about his innocence’ .


There’s a movie on Joseph and a scene where the Chief of bakers and the butler are found mocking Joseph on account of Potiphar’s wife. I believe, Potiphar would have known at least a little about the character of his wife and if Joseph would have tried to explain that he was innocent Potiphar would have allowed him to go. ! He submitted himself to the will of God….. when it even meant to be put into the prison. He was willing to suffer even though he was completely innocent,.

Likewise we could quote many instances in the life of Joseph.

While studying in WCC, we had a scriptural course called TAFTEE – a certificate based paper. This was taken by Mrs. Ranjini, my French professor. I can still so freshly remember a class wherein she described the virtue and godliness that Mary possessed. Yes, she is not God. Yet she was a very godly woman. If you read the will be able to find this phrase

But Mary was keeping within herself all these things (sayings), (Luke 2:19,)

She had very well known that Jesus was the Son of the most high God and even as things began to unfold one after one in her life, she kept it to her heart..even until the cross.

She kept it to herself. She must have been utterly broken down at the sight of her Son being crucified yet she kept it to herself….she did not wail nor shout. She submitted to God’s will, these were the fulfillment of the sayings of Prophet Simeon.

And a sword will pierce through your own soul also–…. ( Luke 2:35)

So what I am trying to tell here is, we need not justify our actions..we don’t have to….yes, you could explain  if asked for. Yet you don’t have to prove anything.

When I was Shillong, as you know the culture and climate is very different there. I was dressed like I thought I should be. Being one among all, yet always bearing in my mind that if Jesus was to hold my hands and walk to the other street, would I dress in this manner. ( paraphrase Bro.Zac Poonen).

A week earlier I was in Trivandrum and had met many believers there. So here was I in Shillong receiving a ‘hi’ as I am used to  these days. Yet I always wonder how come my phone number gets invisible wings ..still… not to embarrass others..I never ask how did they get it.

Anyways, he was surprised to know about my origin…..seeing my profile pic….as many there considered me to be a Malyali mainly due to my looks and name. So I explained and as is my habit, when I am in the mood…yes…MOOOOD I end up changing my profile pic 2-3 times in just a single after a week I received a message from this Brother.


Jonathan: With pr.. You’re so calm girl

Going to native makes you modern girl


Jesse: 🙂

Jesse: My Perriappa gets me all the clothes ( I tried to

justify myself )

Jesse: Still you make me think

Jesse: Thank You

Jonathan: I think so… But am not able to conclude by seeing photos

{ and after a bit discussion..the next day when I uploaded a pic of mine wearing a jatang yellow dress }


Jonathan: White is the best one for you

Jesse: 🙂

Jesse: Ppl call me CPM

Jonathan: Color doesn’t suits u

Jesse: And some balabrahmachari

Jesse: Actually I was slowly collecting more colorful dresses

Jonathan: Yea… Ha haaa …………. even called you sanyasi

Jonathan: I have saved you’re name as sanyasi


Ahh..I was so tempted  to justify myself with a better explanation and I did try a little, yet was convicted by the Holy Spirit..’ Be still, you don’t have to do that Jesse’.

I believe today..that if you have decided to live before the face of God , it is God alone who should matter most to you. You will not worry an inch about what people think about you, may it even be your loved before the face of God !!!

For many would thoroughly regret on that final day..when they would realize that…


“in their race to keep pleasing men and getting a good name for themselves, they had ended up…HURTING GOD…their Father.

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