You are always there for me

Oh Lord, how I wish to remain in Your presence,

Just sit and bask in there,

Your glory surrounding me ignites my soul,

Sweet words of hope and comforting dole.


Like Thee I’ve found no one on earth,

Who waits and waits, and waits for me,

Though many times I have ignored You,

Sought something else and not You.


Oh, great art Thou and great Thy love,

Why then do I have to love another more,

When Thou art sufficient and much more than that

Your presence soul thirst forever.


Let me seek Thy face early in the morning,

And at night with Thee I say my an ‘amen’,

The whole day may I walk with Thee,

Seek no one ever or try to replace Thee.


You gave Your all, how much should I then,

In my weakness – You encourage me,

In my sorrow – You comfort me,

In my pride – You humble me,

Oh…You are always there for me.


You are never so busy to forget me,

Never so occupied that I need to tap Thee

Your eyes are always upon me

Your sight never gets away from me.


How I wish one day like David

I would dance in Your presence

Without a hesitation or shame

I’m waiting .. Lord for that day to come soon.


You seated on Your throne,

And I on a platform,

With lights focused and I dance

To worship You in the I want;


Ohh…waiting for that day….am just waiting for that day !!!!

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