Year-end vacation with family

So just this week and I will be gone for another long trip. I should be getting back by the end of this month. Still I hope to post even as God leads me…!! So am making use of every fraction of second I get. Though I have opted for a 3G pack, yet Google plus doesn’t get connected that properly when am at roaming.

The past two months had been heavy on me. That’s how an unbelieving heart would take it, yet if I am to trust God I need to say…

God has a purpose behind all of these things.”

I did stress a little..not little..maybe much more than that because I failed to seek God’s grace, Lord, forgive me!! hus, am now taking things in a different way probably the right way.

People do show their concern towards me due to my deteriorating heath condition…no not that serious…….my persisting headache and growing dark circles 😉 seriously … I had earlier said, don’t get deceived by the photographs ….  😉

Yet , am happy to give them my reply as

“I would take a good nap when I reach the Other Land – Beulah Land..Oh Beulah Land” !!

I had a wonderful time with my family last year. I still feel so overwhelmed. I love them….!! Tough I am the third at home and have a younger sister, still I should say with her 4 wisdom tooth Ruth is more mature than me. Even more smart. I enjoy the way they crack jokes upon me come on, that’s permissible. Mummy even weeps out of joy sometimes..calling aloud..”Oh, my….Jaya..”

We were on a boat and I so enthusiastically kept moving my hands upon the lake water. When we were taken ashore, the man who rowed the boat shouted..”haath upar kijiye” ( lift your hands )..I thought we ought to life our hands in order to balance the boat or something..come didn’t click me…finally Mercy shouted…”hey Jesse ..remove your hands from that board…”

It was then  I realized I was holding on to the boat edge and the boat was about to dash against another boat, and if I hadn’t removed it on time….my hand would have received some scratches ..!! Mummy did not come along with us and when we got down the boat…..come on we had a good laughter upon ‘Jesse’. 😉 I tooo laughed ;). I love my family, I love my sisters…and I love many others, yet there is ‘Someone who sits on the throne on my life…and to Him alone I give the account of my life’. Now, and henceforth, I cannot dream about running my life trying to please others thus hurting my God.

For, I know that this earth is not everything..!! No, I am not so strong as you think, I am still flesh and blood as you are, It’s a battle I fight,

“To love no one more than my Saviour”.


There are things that excites me,

There are desires that escalates me,

There are dreams that overwhelms me,

Still I choose to serve my Saviour.


People ask me..Oh God is love,

And loving others is our priority,

Yes it is – I whisper to myself,

Yet it is the second to the first.


First: Love your God with all your heart,

with all your soul and mind,

Second: and love your neighbour,,………………..

What difference it makes you might say…!!

Yes of course….it’s all about placing the 1 before the zeroes…

10000000000000 or 000000000000000 ( doesn’t the placement of 1 make all the diffference ?

( Paraphrase Bro. Zac Poonen)


Oh, God is not so cheap to be used like this,

Using Him to make our needs met,

Using Him to make our desires fulfilled,

Oh…I can see those piercing eyes of His even now,

When I myself have failed in this..Lord I repent!!


Some say..if God wants me to do this…

Let Him be open and say it aloud,

Oh mere men – knowing God and His Word,

How much have you obeyed Him that He needs to add on to this now…!


If you haven’t obeyed Him in the little things,

Why will He entrust greater things to you.

If a Family, a lover and your friends were everything..

Why would Jesus have to even come to this earth?


Life is not so shallow…

Pray that you may see..

There is so much to this life….

Than the selfish words..I…myself….and me!!

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