Wow.. Mom’s

I have been comparing my actions, motives while dealing with Oliver to that of how God deals with me as His child and I could not but restrain from being awestruck at my foolishness of not trusting This Great Person!!

Things that I compare:

My battle with mosquitoes: We don’t use mosquito repellent at home for many reasons and since we live in the 10th Floor we normally do not face much of the mosquito issue.  Yet somehow through the bathroom mesh 3-4 mosquitoes do sneak into our bedroom at nights and after we are done with the days work at 1 am..our final battle begins…! Sometimes it’s after we are already half asleep, I realize Oliver shaking his legs or scratching his face and I know for sure it’s those mosquitoes that happily suck out blood from our bodies. It’s then when this super Mom comes into action. It begins with a prayer.. “Lord show me that mosquito”and God has always been Faithful in showing me that enemy hidden somewhere in the curtain or on the wall and I fiercely strike it down shouting – “How dare you suck blood out of Oliver!!”Yes, there were a few times when I miss the target and then I being a mother uncover my feet and unwrap the blanket so that the mosquito would come to me – a better bait than my son. Wow..!! what a sacrificial mother I am and then I hear a still small voice.. “if you being wicked could do such a thing as this.. Your Heavenly Father…..”

Yes Father… How foolish of me not to trust You that You are always there for me – to protect me from harm.. Then why don’t I trust You Father..!!

My ‘yes’ should be ‘yes’: Yes, as our pursuit to be ideal parents we always wanted to keep our words to Oliver. If we had promised Him something we ought to do it for him. Today we will go and cycle down, then we should go, today we will go to Jonny’s house and that evening we would try our best to do it. Whenever I would give my word to Oliver I would be extra cautious about getting it done and at the same time I would be really cautious about an unnecessary promise…telling him things that I wouldn’t be able to do for him. Now when it comes to God, how can I imagine that such an Almighty God my Father would promise a thing to me and get it undone. If I being a wicked parent as I am deal righteously with my child – How much more with God!!

When do I refrain: It’s raining heavily and Oliver asks for Ice cream or asks for banana/orange  at night. I hesitate to give to him because I have seen it in the past that these foods taken at nighttime weren’t profitable. That’s the reason though I might have bought all these things for Oliver yet I wouldn’t give it to him at the time he asks for it. There is a time for everything. And in this way I can go on to narrate many things that I as an earthly parent to do my son.  And when I see myself being under the care of our Heavenly Father, I am overwhelmed to see things from His perspective. Now things make sense.. !! Why Did I not receive things I longed for… Why this… Why not that etc… GOD IS OUR HEAVENLY AND CARING FATHER….!! Thank you Holy Spirit for this revelation.

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