Women’s Christian College – Girl’s Talk

….. very close to my heart …!!

I have had different batch of friends and W.C.C friends have stayed closer than ever. Reason (? 🙂

Ya girls, everybody share their latest pic …!! This was the beginning ..!!

While majority are mothers now, there was a serious discussion on our BM index 😉 Why not we are GIRLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!

Jaya Meena: Tamil has become slim…..

Jesse: Tamizh looks same…

Jaya Meena: During my marriage she was looking little bubbly

Preethi: Nice Thamizh

Jaya Meena: Still same look Shylu

Preethi: Nice d Shylu

Shailaja: Jesse where s ur pic?

Lovely days de..Especially our lab gallatta

Ya preethi,  I gained weight

Jesse: Ha ha ha, All look sukru thin

Shailaja: Marti and Jesse, pic please..

Jesse: Innum venuma

Shailaja:  So cute Jesse, nice hair style, Jesse also didn’t change

Tamizharasi: Jesse looks cute d…

Jesse: Really, Only now 😉

Vinny: Jess is always looking cute.

Vinny: Yh my lab partner is getting a partner

Jaya Meena: Jessie looks like school gal, Innum valaranum jessie

Gloria: Preethi you’ve gained so much in your preggy days de.. careful

Tamil.. Jesse. . Marti just look the same..

Jenny and sailu enna ma edhu.. jenny you better get back to

shape.. adi vanguvae

Jaya Meena: Glo u r the same college gal

Jennifer: Jesse got terrified seeing my son de glo, Jesse was

scolding him … He just laughed n went … He is hypercase

didn’t  stay in a place for sec…

Jaya Meena: Hey ellarum ipo lam hyper Dan di… They will not listen to


Gloria: Children will never learn later.. do it now or never. Aiyo.. Our

Indian parents never teach routine n habits.. that’s y they tend

to b this way.

Amreetha : 😊 stylish pic navis. So nice to read all the conversation .

All our girls still look pretty..no matter what size

Gloria: So true.. Navis so lovely

Shailaja: Amreetha, Sahana is like a doll 😘😘 so cute..

Jesse: Navis looks very smart, Professional

Jesse: Gloria,  Zac is like….Maameee don’t kiss me in front of

everybody !!! 😉



So, that’s how we went on and on..We have grown. Yes, past 5 years still we love to joke and play around. Responsibilities have increased and so has family duties. Yet we are bonded together by love..pure Friendship !! 😉 Let’s have a look at some old-new pics..have fun..!!!

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