Will you leave them – JUST LIKE THAT ?

And the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters and oppressors; for I know their sorrows and sufferings and trials.

Exodus 3:7

The earth is His..and so are the people !! It was His grace that saved us, it was His grace that we were born into a believing family, it was His grace that we heard the Truth, it was His grace that even though we had fallen a number of times, sometimes into ugly filth – He lifted us !! It was His grace.

If it was His GRACE then ………….

I heard this once from Bro. Zac Poonen

Think of this – there are people you know in this world, whom nobody else knows!!

Those are the people whom God wants you – to encourage, challenge and build up.

Not just this, I know it’s time to help others…eating, eating and eating will only make me fat !!

This was not the case some 3-4 years ago. I used to fear that having a discussion with a person who is not saved would make me alike ( such a selfish thought or maybe I wasn’t ready then.) Today ‘the tug of war’ is stronger on my side!!! I have a SUPER CHAMPION with me 😉 !!

Unlike many believers, I had the opportunity to live in an atmosphere where I was the only Christian!!( just by name then) I was far from Christ. When God saved me, I was still vulnerable .. He had given me the strength yet I needed another touch. So, I really thank God for the guardian He provided me. Guardian over my soul…tough like an iron. I needed it !! Yes …. it’s true!! I had to undergo strict discipline which was bitter then, yet today I praise God. Thank You Lord. The world outside just saw the iron fence that was around me yet God was sowing seeds of fruits and flowers tenderly around me ..  unseen to many eyes !!

Today…now…having received light, I think it’s time to help others see it. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my friends – some of them are too good and how could I leave them into the snare of satan. I don’t mind if they tag me as one who wants to convert them – all I wish for them is that they too be a partaker of the joy the Lord has given me and is continuing to do even more!!!

This wonderful classmate of mine ( hope he doesn’t get angry when he reads this as I am about to leak a few lines of our conversation … 🙂

Jesse: Why don’t u do certain things which U know u shouldn’t?

Jesse: What stops u

Jesse: Its Ur opinion I am asking

Sameer: Self control

Jesse: U cud explain with an example

Jesse: No why U don’t do it??

Sameer: Alcohol

Jesse: Ok

Jesse: Why U don’t do it?

Sameer: I have seen ppl being good and ppl with worse health condn

Jesse: Hmmm

Jesse: So for ur own hood

Jesse: Good

Sameer: ya

Jesse: U choose to do something and leave out others

Jesse: OK then pornography

Jesse: What’s harm in that

Sameer: Porno is not harm

Sameer: even infact its good if it’s a healthy. way

Jesse: Hmmm

Sameer: I am never interested

Jesse: Then why do ppl feel bad after doing it

Sameer: its just a temporary rush of things

Jesse: Hmmm

Jesse: Thanks

Sameer: once we get busy…we won’t think about

Jesse: Just wanted to have Ur views

Sameer: ya

Sameer: Nothing is bad, provided we know it’s limits

Jesse: Who sets the limits

Jesse: …………. Murder??

Jesse: Adultery??

Jesse: 😉

Sameer: Adultery is Sin

Sameer: So as. Murder

Jesse: Sin ??

Jesse: Am I hearing it properly ??

Sameer: We have no rights to take a life which god has given

Sameer: yea

Jesse: Then coming back

Sameer: Sin as in paavam…as in paap

Jesse: We have no right to be a partaker of the exploit a girl is going thru in pornography

Jesse: She could be forced or she could have done it for a need

Jesse: Isn’t it like a man who goes to the prostitute

Jesse: Just that here its psychological pleasure

Jesse: There its physical

Jesse: Hmmm

Jesse: And Drinking

Jesse: Drinking…!! How do we have the right to destroy the life God has given

us ??

Jesse: One’s own life !!


What are we doing with the light God has given us ? Keeping it under the bushel is it ? There are many out there who would support what this boy just shared, if you are there would you voice what God has to say ? or Would you sneak out quietly thinking that he would misunderstand you. I think that I love my classmates at least this much that I don’t desire to see them perishing in this world without having tasted –  how good my Lord is !!! It is uncomfortable ..yes it is….for a person like me..it is very much uncomfortable..!! Yet…if  you believe we are living in the last days..will you leave them JUST LIKE THAT ?

Help them !!! Help !! That’s all is required

( … if you have just read this, I have reproduced the conversation just to help someone…I hope that’s fine with you 🙂 !!)

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