Who said Heaven alone is beautiful?

Who said Heaven alone is beautiful? Earth is beautiful too…with Your presence Lord Oh Lord. Life makes meaning now. Today a glorious thing happened … need to share it …!

A call came to Aunty’s mobile from an Anglo Indian sister Estelle ..” When is Pastor coming for the VBS programme?”

Aunty received a 1000watts shock … She thought the meeting was on 8th that was tomorrow and not today. Uncle wasn’t prepared and we were expecting a visitor from church. Sister Estelle asked if at least Aunty would be able to come ..She too wasn’t ready ..then the lot fell on me…I shouted from my room…NOOOOOOO!!!! I told them nooo, I am not ready… And instantly a voice within me repeated the same words … ” I am not ready ?” I felt guilty that I wasn’t ready… Oh God, I wasn’t ready !!

Uncle called me and told me that I was a ‘bayandakudi’ meaning ‘coward..’ and yes, I was a coward! I went out in the premises for a walk and after almost completing a round, I began thinking ..’when will I ever be ready! God ! I have disappointed You greatly today… yes greatly. I am so scared.. Lord ..how will I ever stand alone in a ministry for You?’ Then I prayed a small prayer… “Holy Spirit You made me pray this way”…. the prayer was ..”Lord, give me boldness….Holy boldness”.

Instantly, the fear disappeared and a zeal sprouted within me and the task that seemed impossible suddenly became so light ..so possible…So, I rushed into the room to tell Uncle…He was washing his face.. I couldn’t waste any time …. I had to call Sister Estelle if not She might change her plans. So, I called her telling that I would come alone and She asked me to come within 10 minutes. And then You Lord, used me in such a wonderful way …since everything at home was ready …the only thing I had to do was iron my clothes and get dressed. Auto arrived and flew to my assignment zone!

The kids were so excited and glad, the teachers had a free fat reduction class meaning the action songs drilled them… everybody participated and danced including the sound system in charge.

Oh my Heavenly Father !! “thank You” is such a small word to thank You !!

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