Who are you going to follow – the Encourager or the discourager..!

Truly growth of a man depends a lot on his companions, people he is found to be around with.

If you are with people who always knock you down – saying – you are not good enough, done! that’s all  that can be done, you cannot achieve anything more, there is no use being a good person in this wicked world etc etc, It will surely be Difficult for you to lift one leg forward in your spiritual life.

 I know who I was and I know who I am today. God beautifully places each one of us under an authority; it will go well with you if you learn how to be submissive in this age. God wonderfully uses people to smoothen the rough edges of your life. Just think for a moment, if not this way, how do you think you could grow.

There is no ‘INDEPENDENCE’ in being free from the authority God has placed over you. Do not fool yourself. Being submissive doesn’t mean, you always agree with the person who has authority over you….NOOO….!!! I think I disagree with Uncle much more now than ever, yet, I am having a strong fellowship with him these days. Much more now than ever.

Discipline is painful for a while ……..!

For the time being no discipline brings joy, but seems grievous and painful; but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it [a harvest of fruit which consists in righteousness–in conformity to God’s will in purpose, thought, and action, resulting in right living and right standing with God]. Book of Hebrews ( New Testament) 12th Chapter 11th verse

I was literally a free bird. Today even though under an authority I am not in a cage, probably I should say – i am in a bullet proof house…. Safe and Protected from the enemy.

 Our church founder late Pr. Sundaram ayya was a  very strict and loving person. He was very bold and lived a very godly and simple life. During those days could be the early 1950’s or 60’s ….the church was in a hut like structure. Pastors.. mostly young would live in the church building itself. I think in 10X10 feet room, eat together and share everything in common. I once heard about this incident.

One particular day, the pastors where having their morning breakfast and there was a shortage of sambhar for the idlis. One pastor, had two remaining idlis and since there was no sambhar, he had thrown it into the garbage bin. Poor man…!!

Pr.Sundaram ayya happened to pass through that bin and his eyes fell upon the thrown idlis. He immediately summoned all the pastors each of them being very young. He inquired who had done that and no one responded. He inquired again, there was silence. Then he told them ……

“ Do you know these two idlis were prepared by the earnings of that poor widow who must have dropped Rs 2 into the offering box. It must have been her last cent…!!

Since no one is ready to take the blame…no LUNCH for any of you. And he forbade the kitchen people from preparing anything for the noon.

What a zeal for the Lord….wow!! His testimonies encourage me a lot…!! God is a constructor. He patiently builds, everything in our lives one brick upon another. And the very opposite is the devil, a total destroyer  who destroys everything at one go…BANG!!!

Who are you going to follow….the builder or the destroyer…the encourager or the discourager..~!

Ahhh Jesse…you are around people who must be encouraging you always. Really…..?? I have been getting messages from very close relatives of mine, people who should be guiding me…

“ do not be submissive to your husband..I am advising you. I regret for doing it, you should not follow me…( I do not have the exact text message word to word, yet something of this kind) to which, I with astonishment replied…

Yet..the Bible says us to…!!!

Who are you going to follow….the builder or the destroyer…the Encourager or the discourager..!

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