Who am i to judge others !!!

This is a message for me – Who am i to judge others. I have myself in numerous occasions judged people including my family members for things I thought weren’t right. Today as I see preachers and many servants of God and at the same time knowing about their personal lives – am tempted to pass my judgement. While at the same time, the Holy Spirit reminds me of certain things.

– am I any better than them ???

– what if all my thought life would be exposed to people, where would I stand ??

– if not for the Grace of God, I would have long been perished in my sins ??

Being from a Baptist background and attending a Pentecostal church often leaves me with different thoughts about life. My Heavenly Father in the recent past out of His Mercy and Grace have shown me truths about my attitude towards people. As Bro. Zac says… He would prefer his church to comprise of  young sisters all in their fashionable outfits, without covering their heads when compared to all ladies in white garments, heads covered and at the same time gossiping and backbiting. Jesus never in one  instance rebuked a sinner … yet He definitely did rebuke hypocrisy!!

Lord !! help me to look at people the way You look at them and judge myself rather than others.

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