When we desire to show-OFF!

Today my dear husband had to go for his regular vegetable shopping which we do once in 2 weeks. We then stock the fridge with all kinds of vegetables and the fruit basket with fruits. Today my kitchen looked more like a small vegetable stall – with all vegetables lying down so fresh – kgs of fruit – Wow…! And I was so tempted to take a click and share it with my immediate family group. I even clicked the picture of heaps of vegetables yet a voice within me disapproved of my action. What was I doing? Showing off!!
There were days yes absolutely when my fridge used to be empty, when the vegetables were dry and few in number. When my fruit basket would hardly hold any fruit – did I show off my possession then? No?
So what was I doing? I remember something that I had promised my Lord – which I have tried to refrain from. This was nearly 3 years ago, while Oliver was still a baby. We were not used to buying many things for Oliver and I had a close friend who would constantly get new things for her child. She had gone to some gift shop and had put a lot of pictures in her status. Maybe I wasn’t mature enough then and I felt a small ‘ouch’ as I viewed those pictures. I couldn’t afford to get many gifts for Oliver and yes seeing such a pic did grieve me a little!!
It was then that I realized the number of times I had posted the status of us, visiting places or eating things that could have caused the same ‘ouch’ to many who wouldn’t be able to afford the same and then I decided that the ‘status images’ on my phone should rather be subtle and not extravagant ! Never should I try to expose my possessions or show off anything that would make me walk in deteriorating love towards my brethren!

I remembered this today and I thank God, that the Holy Spirit did not allow me to do this thing today and I hope He continues to keep me from falling. If I am able to fight these small battles today, tomorrow I will not fall into greater temptations and sin. Yet, if I resist the Holy Spirit today and still post things with an attitude of ‘showing off’, I am not walking in light and cannot call God as my Father. I hope that God continues to give ma a heart so tender that my love for my family – ‘blood and blood-bought’ be genuine surpassing all the evil desires of boasting and showing off. Amen!!

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