When God gives you something unexpected

When God gives you something that you never even dream to ask Him……………God’s ways are different indeed !! He knows how to surprise you  – ‘Oh little child of God ;)’

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8,9

So any idea what am I about to write in this post. Probably this is something I hardly ever expected to come so soon. Of course, I longed for it so much yet, I never knew that it would happen this way. It’s still as if am dreaming about it. Thank You Father.

For those who do not know CFC check out this link and please go through the articles, books and messages…. http://www.cfcindia.com/books

In case you are unable to understand anything said or written in that site please feel free to text me … my cell no is ………. 😉 ( I believe you have it )

So, let me give this post a little descriptive look. Thus, I could narrate it well.

31st Jan 2015, my church had an all-night service and I had just arrived from Vellore in the morning ..so I got ready for the service at night. I was supposed to go a bit early coz during every 31st night service many would come to the church and it so happens that we do not get a seat to sit. So I packed my dinner and left for the church at 6:30 pm. We had a blessed service and yes, my Father did speak to me. By 4 am the service got over and I was back home.

I slept from 4am to 7:30 am, and began planning the rest of the day. It was a New-year day, and I had requested something a favor from Uncle, it’s the grace of God how things had turned out due to something Aunty had spoken to us the previous week. God helped me to grab the opportunity.

So, as I am a person who plan things ahead, I had already acquired the venue and timing of the CFC meeting for the 1st of Jan. I was not very sure if things would turn out well. Also, I kept beating my excitement antennae each time I tried dreaming about my first step into CFC. I willfully kept a sober thought about this thing. So, Aunty was supposed to come with me. We got delayed and somehow managed to get an auto to that place. We were advised to get our vehicle by that Brother as there was lots of parking place, yet ‘ Jesse and driving with Aunty ?’ …… would Aunty allow that?

We had a pretty long journey. We entered into the street. I was given two landmarks. Yes, the church was pretty far away…..deep inside…..at two or three instance we weren’t sure if we were heading to the right place. We thought of calling the Brother who had guided me, yet we were late now, and it would not have been appropriate to call him.  So we somehow managed to get there and ………….

Henceforth … I was as if it was all a dream. I am not exaggerating …!! It was great. I could listen to a song being sung..I immediately jumped out of the auto and peeped into the meeting place.

“Oh..no it was packed …!! I wouldn’t get a place to sit !!” Yet I was determined…!! Does Jesse give up so easily…. 😉

So, I entered in bypassing a few believers. There was a Brother who was busy repairing an electrical switch. “Excuse me brother, we have come here for the first time. Could you arrange for us a seat please?’ Aunty had entered in by then. When Aunty saw this Brother…they recognized each other…he was the husband of Aunty’s colleague. So, great…..seat with recommendation… 😉 just kidding. He would have done it even if he did not know us. So he directed us to a Sister. She lead us inside and prepared  a place on the mat to sit..I was fine yet Aunty would not be able to sit on the floor  so I requested a seat for Aunty. And there….’ Wow again’ another friend…Aunty met with another Sister who was her Sunday school student in CSI. I quietly stood as it was the ‘praise and thanksgiving’ time.

I would like to go more in detail yet I think I should make it more precise. I was still in my dream world…I did not expect to see any known face. I actually did not even desire it either. All I wanted was to ‘attend my first CFC meeting’. It was a long praise and worship. I was surprised that many common songs were sung. After returning home, I even shared this thing with Uncle. Then we all sat. And a Brother shared the Word. Atleast 3-4 times this thought came appearing in my mind..”what if this was not CFC?” As we did not ask anyone in specific. I looked around. There was a familiar poster on the pulpit. The Brother who was sharing seemed to have a familiar face yet I wasn’t sure. Then all of a sudden, I noticed that he had made a quote on ‘Tozer’ ……. ahhhhh now I was sure this was CFC. Later he quoted Bro.Zac too. I was blessed. Yet I was still numb, kind of a strange feeling… cannot explain by mere words….probably no one can imagine how God was fulfilling a dream and a desire so dear to me that I had never even dared to pray about it. That’s why I began this post with this

God’s ways are different indeed !! He knows how to surprise you ‘little child of God’ 😉

At this moment, even as I am typing this post…I am controlling my emotions from flooding out. “Father….I simply cannot express my thankfulness to what You just gave me today.”

So…where was I….? yes, the message..!!! When the Brother completed his message..he asked us to stand..and poor Jesse, having sat on the floor for a long time, without shifting the leg position, my legs had grown numb. I would have changed my leg position yet I was little cautious…come on,  it was for the first time I was there. A kutti boy just in front of me kept staring at me as I was opening my English Bible. He was all the while drawing something in his book. Now, how could I change my position and so I just sat in that position the whole time. And when I stood…I almost lost my balance. I held on to a sister next to me..and whispered slowly….’ Maa… kaal marithpoyithchi’ did you understand what I just typed…? Don’t worry even those who know Tamil wouldn’t have… 😉 ‘ my legs have become numb…sister’…!! You know what happened next, this sweet little sister bent down and massaged my feet. I resisted ..yet she continued. I thanked her. Then …we sat..and I just knew what that Brother would announce next. Yessssssssssssssssssss


“Those who have come for the first time..could you stand plizzz”….I looked at Aunty…she nodded and I stood. The sister who just helped me with my extreme leg numbness also stood..even Aunty was standing by then. Everyone turned back and looked …I felt little nervous…yet, I looked straight to the Brother. So the service got over.

Aunty was busy chatting with her friends and I signaled Aunty that we need to meet the Brother whom I had called the other day. We just came to know that he was the same person who had given the Word of God. So we went to him. He came smiling, he recognized me and asked me why I did not call him for the direction. I told him that we had thought it would disturb him. He told me that he had kept the phone in general mode just for me and expected me to call later he had given the phone to his son telling him a sister would call. Anyways, we spoke a little…Aunty’s Sunday school student also spoke a few words to him about Aunty and I asked him to pray for us. He introduced us to another sister and insisted on having lunch. So, we met Aunty’s collegue and we explained we couldn’t wait. We were offered a vehicle to be dropped to the station as it would be impossible to catch an auto as the main road was far far away.

Meanwhile …….come on…this is CFC, I should know a few faces. So, I recognized a Girl who just passed me…then another Sister who was sitting on the mat. At a distance there was another Sister…I knew her very well…!! I was still numb…!! I went and introduced myself. She was shocked that I had known her name. We spoke a few words and I  left. I felt like I was at home….actually it was still like a dream..!!

Meanwhile my dear Aunty was busy doing her favourite discussion…yes yes…you guessed it right..!! She was speaking to her collogue about me and we were lead to her husband…who usually helped many in this matter. He inquired about me…and Aunty spoke on my behalf. Aunty’s colleague had asked her son to drop us to the station…( a very hilarious journey…) and after exchanging numbers …. we got into the car and headed home.

You know what? It’s not me..!!It’s really not me..!! Am I behaving like the normal Jesse ? Usually I would be floating into the C9  experience after anything of this kind would happen in my life…….yet I feel so strange…like a dream..truly…!!

Thank You Father..for everything..You just gave me something that I did not even dare to ask You…!!


You are so good to me…!! Trust God my dear friends….He is soo good !!

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