When are we going to accept that our ways are not Your ways…!!!!

It’s sad that many so called believers still fail to understand this basic TRUTH that Your ways are Supreme and that all we need to do is to yield to You….Isn’t the Holy Spirit given to us to understand and be lead in Your will?  You lead us.. step by step….!! It’s sad again when we see our elders walking in the flesh, by being untruthful, deceiving or simply living by instincts. Oh, Lord open our eyes that we may see…..!!!

Now, I see how You hated hypocrisy. It’s like a parasite. A parasite likes to cling on to us. Oh, our spiritual hygiene is so important.

We might think we are helping others by doing things in the way we think the best and for this we pat ourselves with a lovely statement “I am doing this for her/his good.”

Oh mere man!!! When will you realize that everything should be done unto Him….’Fear of God’ …!!!! Where is it ??? Lord help me to have mine too …..!!! LORD open our eyes that we may see !!!

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