What was the cost of my sin ?

Have you ever thought about your end? One day when everything will be said and done..!!  OVER!! Your soul and spirit will depart from this world forever, never to return to this world again until the first resurrection of God’s people. Every second counts – dear friends, every second does !!

My heart gets tremendously grieved when I find people yes, believers blind to the TRUTH – the TRUTH !! Unless you hear it, how can a man believe !!

CROSS what’s the actual meaning to it? Does it simply imply the physical death of Christ? If that was the case – Jesus would have been a coward – praying to the Father in the garden of Gethsemane to take away the cup from Him ( paraphrase Bro. Zac Poonen) because we are aware of so many people who were literally put to death in their service to God under the old Covenant  and millions today even in India. So was Jesus praying to God to remove the physical suffering that was about to come upon Him? NOO !

It was the spiritual death ? What’s Spiritual death ?

Fellowship with the FATHER ‘broken’ ? Yes…..! You know when does this happen? When we SIN..!!

So what happened when Jesus was hung on the cross? All our sins yes sins were laid upon the SINLESS man called JESUS and so, Fellowship with the FATHER was broken !! FATHER and JESUS were ONE from the beginning of all eternity – always and here JESUS was hung on the cross as an orphan….why ? For our sins…..!! It was this that HE feared –  the moments of being separated away from God the FATHER. SIN and God cannot dwell together that’s how Holy – God the FATHER is. That’s the extent of how much HE hates sin. JESUS carried all our sins on the Cross to give us ETERNAL life …. ETERNAL LIFE = continual fellowship with the FATHER and SON on this earth and forever { to know the FATHER and SON}.

DO you value fellowship with the Father so much that you weep after you fall ? Oh..we do fall… ! I am not telling you become perfect the moment you accept Christ. We all fall. I have fallen a number of times even yesterday while speaking to an ebay customer representative. I fell. I spoke a lie…yes ‘LIE’ and immediately, so immediately in a fraction of second – I felt it, the grief of the Holy Spirit within me. He wept..yes, He did. I know it….!! Oh, I felt so heavy..!! I could see how grieved the Father was due to my single lie.

The good news is – the Holy Spirit lead me to repentance and I did repent . Asked God to forgive me that I caused Him so much sorrow by my sin….( which was a lie this time) He healed me. He forgave me and He did make me REAP for my sin and I can now shout Hallelujah for that!

I am so glad that He forgave me and equally happy that He made me reap the action of my sin. It’s just a by – product I think – a child of God should gladly take it as Being partakers of God’s righteousness !! Be willing to take the blame if you have made a mistake, however gross the mistake is. God will give you the grace, do not justify yourself. Easy to say ..ha !! Yes, yet difficult to do !! Truly….I too find it difficult. It’s this inborn Adam’s nature that wants to justify every action done. Be willing to reap what you have sown, be glad that’s a mosquito bite….. !! Never run away from it.

Jesus has taken the penalty of your sins (my sins ) on the cross that’s a whole universe compared to this tiny mosquito bite. Never take sin lightly – it costed the Son – ‘separation from the Father’ for those moments on the Cross. It was gruesome …it was horrible. Fear God always (reverential fear that’s an outcome of true love and devotion), shrink from anything that you know would lead to sin. Run from temptations and resist the devil. Yes, it’s a battle – fight it and you will win it for sure….WHY ? Because you have the World CHAMPION on your side….!! Look HE is there for us – open your eyes……!! JESUS love you Lord !! What a friend we have in JESUS!!

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