What kind of a messenger are you?

When we go and live with our Saviour, we would be praising Him and singing psalms of His goodness, worshipping Him and all that He has done for us. Every mouth of grumbling and complaining, backbiting and gossip would have been thoroughly wiped away and cleansed from our lives. That is a glimpse of eternity. 

So, what are we supposed to be doing each day – encourage each other as long as it’s called Today..! Yet sadly our flesh rejoices in the very contrary. We love speaking, listening and receiving discouraging/negative information about others. What does negative thoughts/words do to the mind of the speaker or the listener? 

I am part of a number of social networks and I happen to notice a trend that this human flesh displays. We are more interested or keen in giving negative news about others rather than speaking positively about the same. Any news we receive… If it’s a negative news about someone.. We are foremost in giving or even circulating the message. My question to this attitude is Why not send news about the appreciations people have received? Had this same news been about our loved one… We would deliberately conceal the matter or not even speak about it. Though we call each other our brothers and sisters in Christ – How unreal is our attitude of love towards them. Self glorification comes easily as well. Appreciation from someone, a provision received by God, or even an answered prayer is speedily published to all. Oh Lord! What wretched souls we are..!! The mouth that brings glad tidings is what pleases to the Lord yet the word that brings reports of death ( servant of David, who just wanted to run and pass on the information of Absalom’s death) such a tongue that rejoices in circulating news about death ( physical or spiritual) will be told to be stepped aside by the King. Such a messenger just wants to give the news away, he doesn’t even intend to give the complete truth, he receives a partial information and runs as fast as he can to give it away. He is a messenger who has no worth!!! Step aside – says the Lord.

I desire to be an encourager and shame the mouth of all discouragers. We have enough of the ministry of Satan and his fallen Angel’s on this earth and that is to find fault with mankind – to be an accuser of the brethren. I do not want to add to it. 

We just heard an edifying message recently which had spoken about the thing that we can learn from the life of Martha. She was utterly upset with what Mary was doing. She couldn’t understand why she simply sat at the feet of Jesus rather than help her out with the chores at home. She was so upset with the action of Mary.. Yet she did the best thing that one should do – especially when we aren’t happy about others.. And that was to take it to the Lord. How often do we do it? We rather take things into our hands and cherish to uncover the nakedness of our brethren. Shame on us!! Shame on our false humility!!!

May the Lord give us a pure heart of love that would rejoice on speaking good about others. A heart that would see the best for others and a heart that would secretly mourn and weep for others. May the Lord give me such a heart. 

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