Well Done

Just came across a few interesting videos of Shakuntala Devi and it looks like the PR for an upcoming movie has done a good job. Facebook is flooded by her videos which were almost invisible a few moths ago. Anyways, something that struck me was a message mentioned somewhere that she is an example of what a woman can do etc. It is so true!! I have heard this a number of times… What is the use of your gifts or education….? Some religious folks might well preach that even the Bible tells not to bury your talents into the ground yet to multiply it. Everything sounds so good yet the Truth is ones a woman becomes a mother she is indeed a Mother!! The day the Lord surrendered these gifts into my hand, I need to take them seriously. Being a mother is not a joke!! I am not baby sitting my children and neither is this home a playschool wherein I just make sure the child eats and plays well so that by the end of the day.. “He is happy”.

When I look at Oliver at times I tremble and cry out to God.. “Father give me grace to teach him Your statutes and be an example to him”. My home is a ‘mini-heaven’ and I need to build it up with Your grace. Need to conquer the Amalekites, and Moabites and need to get rid of all the idols in my life.. Oh!! so many of them ( Will speak about them in the next post). Give me grace Father… !!

Jochebed, the mother of Moses did an excellent job in raising up her son, trained him up in the statutes of Lord for the little time he was with her. Hannah too raised up Samuel in the fear of God to be a just and righteous man and that’s how Israel received her first prophet. Eunice, the mother of Timothy single handed raised up a fine youth -‘Timothy’ who was the most trust worthy companion to Paul. There are numerous examples of woman then and now who have impacted the lives of their children greatly. I am seeking God to enable me to become one of these secret hearts that pumps and gives life to the body. The ministry of a woman/mother is the ministry of the heart – soft/gentle/secret yet very vital.

By the perspective of the world I might be just a house wife yet I have a tremendous ministry. A ministry that receives no honour, has no promotion, no vacation or breaks, no week offs and most of the time it’s a sole ministry!! I need to run this race yes many times alone and believe that by the end of the pathway I would one day receive the call… Well done! Well done !!

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