Understanding his emotions

I have heard many of my friends speak about their desire to receive a surprise gift from their spouse. ‘They need to – right’, we are women and they need to pamper us at times and I would nod my head and say.. Yes.. Amen, to all such talks! Yet, It was just recently that the Lord showed me that husbands and wives – we are both emotional beings and yes I need to take care of my husband’s emotional need as well.

This lockdown has given a husband and wife enormous opportunity to understand each others day! I simply marvel at how efficient and genius my husband is – seeing the way he tackles matter at his workplace. Not to mention what a peaceful soul the Lord has created him – that he could be extensively caught up with a problem at work and if I ever need him the next moment – he wouldn’t hush me away yet gracefully help me when he would get free. I believe the same is for many among you. Husbands are looked upon as the provider of a home. The one who sloughs night and day for his family. All of these stand true yet how many times have I tried to make an effort to express my love and care for him. God sees our heart and I believe as often as we are thankful to God for Who He is, I should never forget to be thankful to God for His precious son as well.

Every man is different and so are the things that delight them just like not all women like a bouquet of fresh flowers! I would anytime trade ever-fresh(artificial flowers) for a real one ( for they last longer and I could use them anytime later) For example my husband is known by his second name – Zechariah to be chakaria ( meaning sugary) He loves sweet items and though I do not know baking, I now and then try to do some kadai baking just for him. He loves to sleep. He says it’s true for every man.. ! I doubt that though 😉 and so we make a conscious effort to keep our evenings during the weekends just for an hour or so of sleep. That’s like a treat for him – he being a father to three children! He loves to watch a good movie along with me, once children are gone to bed.. mostly during the weekend we try to squeeze in a good movie to our to-do(see) -list ;)And that way we cater to our needs. 

The lifestyle for this generation has become very very monotonous and unless we make a conscious effort to do something out of the box for each other, we would end up grumbling and complaining about the day – calling it B-o-r-i-n-g. This thought triggered to my heart when my husband mentioned a phrase to me on his birthday night – ‘thanks for making my day special‘! I was taken aback. I had done nothing extravagant yet we did try to do something about the occasion.

By this I realized that my husband is a being with emotions just like me. Probably the society or traditions might project another picture of its kind yet I need to care for him as well. I remember a quote mentioned by a close friend of mine a couple of years ago when she gave birth to her first son – now I have two sons to care for. By this she meant just because we have children – babies,toddlers and teenagers – we should never put our husbands on the backseat. With every passing day and every child born into the family – I need to love and care for my husband even better and even more. Let’s not stop doing the things we used to do for them before we became mothers. Let not the romance die out from the marriage. Let not the spark dim out from our eyes. Let not the smile loose it’s passion. May we continue to thank him for all that he does for us – even for passing us the bottle of water. May we not forget to apologize for the mistakes we make – even if we had gone through a tough day. The summary would be – may we not take our husbands for granted. We are women – daughters of the most High God – may we be fervent in asking Him grace after grace every single day that we may be able to love his son even more !!!!

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