Traveling !!

Yup !! the last post before a month long travel !! Almost all of my friends know that ‘i love traveling’.  One of the thing that excites me is traveling..may be it a – chota auto ride or a lamba train travel. It  gives me immense pleasure. The best would be when i get to ride my scooter ..all alone..all by myself. I enjoy every breeze that strikes against my cheek. At times, when the road is empty especially the Adyar road, i kind of pick up my speed and enjoy when the air actually makes me float. It’s then i feel like a ‘car racer’ 🙂 !!! yet no competition here..I just enjoy the moment.

Yes…what about traveling long distances … sometimes it does bring uneasiness in my guts. When i travel alone…..all by myself i am reminded of the fact that ‘ no one ‘ can be a companion like Jesus who is willing to accompany me wherever i go ( definitely where He is willing me to go!!) While traveling  i often set my wattsap status as ‘Jesus and jesse @ Salem’, ‘Jesus and jesse @ Kotagiri’ or ‘Jesus and jesse @ Bangalore’ etc etc…!

I think i need to stay close ..really close to His word these days .. John 16:33..only in Him (Jesus) i will have perfect peace and confidence!! Yes only in Jesus!! Just like on the mount of transfiguration Peter, James and John had  the glorious, heavenly experience ..yet after everything said and done.. they could see ‘Jesus ONLY’. this world i will have trails, tribulations, frustrations and what not..yet I will be of good cheer coz Jesus has overcome the world ..In Him alone I will have peace … may this promise deeply settle in every vein, tendon and marrow of my body.

And yes…i will take this peace from Him and like a moon reflects the light from the Sun, so shall i reflect this peace and confidence that i receive from the Sun/’SON’  and reflect it to the world !!!


Hi-five   Jesus!!! 🙂

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