Today, if i learn to do YOUR WILL

I never like to use the word ‘busy’ and would rather use the word ‘occupied’ !!

So, it seems am little occupied these days..I have lots to share…yet am not able to find time to post them….there’s a video in the making – on a very sensitive topic ‘ Relationship’ especially for the young friends of mine – to warn them and help them. There are two songs that are yet to be uploaded, there’s another article that needs to be posted…. So much to be done !!! …yet somehow ..I will release the Lyrics of the latest song.. 🙂


Today, if I learn to do YOUR WILL,

Tomorrow I shall find myself in it;

Today , if I learn to seek YOUR FACE,

Tomorrow I shall see You face to face;


Today, if I learn to take my CROSS & die on it,

Tomorrow, I shall be Resurrected;

Today, if I learn to SURRENDER my all,

Tomorrow true Treasures I shall receive;


Teach me Lord, Teach me Lord


Remove from me, Remove from me,

The SCALES of this dying world….

The SCALES of this dying world….

The SCALES of this dying world….

Teach me Lord……!! Amen …!!

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