There are two pathways to every choice we make

Lifelong, I have observed this – a secret mystery, a hidden Truth in all the decisions man has to take in this One Life. ‘The narrow way or The broad way’. Your will or God’s will…!!

To choose is not difficult. Many things in this world are confusing even I find it very difficult to understand mixed messages sent by a few closed ones. When I discuss those messages with my friends, I do tell them ‘nothing is clear’ so and so is playing with my mind, what does this mean – I do not understand etc etc…is he/she trying to convey something ? or express their feelings or is it just a simple forward message ?

Yet – the way of the Cross is not confusing at all. It’s clear as crystal…!! And if you really seek to follow it, God would give you abundant grace to find it.

The very thought of difficulty or trial to many, is an indication that either God is angry, or the evil one has an upper hand and still for some – It’s the work of some human forces. Yet, all the while Jesus has told us that the pathway to the Kingdom of Heaven is narrow and a very few find it. Short-cuts are easy and less tiring also, yet that’s not how God wants us to take life. I believe, to every task there is a short cut – a broad way, yet God desires and hopes His people to choose the narrow path.

It’s easy to leave home when parents do not understand you, it’s easy to leave a job when the authorities rise against you, it’s still easier to keep silent when God requires you to speak or to speak when God requires you to keep silent. The narrow path is the ‘way of the cross’. Not many will understand it. It would be right to say that a very few would even support your decisions leaving you all alone to take that ‘narrow path’, yet remember you are not alone. God is with you and His divine peace is the seal upon your soul.

May we seek God’s grace to always take this narrow pathway that will lead to Life….yes Life Eternal ….. Amen!

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