The willingness to be vulnerable

It’s amazing to be among people who do not shun away from being transparent and free. How many of us can witness that we still struggle from the temptation of being jealous or proud? How many of us can strongly profess it that today I was walking selfishly with my spouse and children? How many of us can once and for all put a full- stop to our self praises and glorify God and only God in all He has done.

It is difficult yet through Christ and His anointing this yoke can be broken! The opposite of being vulnerable is being perfect ! We might casually say that we haven’t reached perfection yet many a times our thoughts, words and actions do not.

Who is on the throne at our homes? Is it my husband or I? Or is the Creator of the universe placed on His rightful place. As shared by a dear sister last Sunday, if God had to ask us to offer the most precious thing we had at His feet – what would be the name of the perfume? Wouldn’t it be my self-will? My self-will that likes to justify why the milk spilled or why the paper was left on the floor? My self-will that chooses to see the comfort of myself at the expense of inconvenience of others! My self-will that thinks only about me – me and me !

Are we willing to become vulnerable and say we are nothing (not merely by words). Do people see us as real as we are? or are we showing ourselves covered by the leaves of the fig tree? Are we honest to reply that – I am not fine today or do we mask it in the falsity of ‘I am fantastic today’, while the Truth might be far from it. Are we honest to tell that we failed in loving our spouse and children yet we have repented and are pressing on? Are we honest to tell that we are in financial debt or do we Glory in a falsity that all is well? Are we honest to confess that I am today what ever I am because of my choices or do we blame the people and circumstances for it!! May we be ruthless in judging ourselves and see who we are! Be willing to be vulnerable and encourage others through our weaknesses as well – because may we never forget that through our weaknesses His strength is made perfect!

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