the wedding day

Here comes the last wedding from my husband’s side!! This season does bring fresh memories about our wedding day!! Our Wedding Day was super special or call it – our wedding day was extremely Glorious and I believe it is the same for all who seek to find God’s will in marriage. So as for our wedding, it was taking place in the church and we had invited around 600 people out of which 25 would be from my side. Every story is unique either arranged or love, ours was both and we are blessed.

And I remember the night before the wedding, Aunty had asked me to sleep with Nesam by doing so she wanted me to take some rest and our dear Nesam was so excited about everything and her papa (little girl) getting married that she kept on speaking with me till late night. Morning we had to pick up Uncle’s siblings from the airport and station and Aunty was on her heels. When they arrived they looked at me with warmth and smiles and inquired about my make up person ๐Ÿ˜‰ I remember mentioning to them that she was inside the room, while in reality there was no one waiting for me except for our little Esther whom I had trained to tie my gown laces. The same went for our photography or videography!! We did not hire any professionals for these tasks, it was our dear brothers inย  Christ who had done everything. They were our cooks and even the event manager!! A week before our wedding day, a few sisters had got together and designed our even so lovely backdrop which was not only so elegant – it had the love and touch of dear ones.

I had a lot of storm from my side yet God had given me such a peace that I cannot explain even today. I was flying in the air while externally Uncle was mad at me for the wedding vows and my parents nor siblings were present to be part of my joy yet all I know that I was not troubled because the Lord had covered me by His wings and I was so glad.

We often remind each other of that day, because it was a beautiful illustration of how we need to live. We could not see even a day after that day. If I am to be honest I wasn’t even excited about the night that followed, I was just so overwhelmed by the doings of the Lord. I was so-so happy that His will was taking place in my life. His Promises were being fulfilled. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

While I walked down the aisle, I looked at the man God had for me. While I had known him for 2 1/2 long years yet he looked a complete known stranger ๐Ÿ™‚ with whom my heart was now being bonded. Uncle placed my hands into his and I remember how sweet and precious that moment was!! I held his hand for the first time and his hands felt a little cold (probably he was nervous ๐Ÿ˜‰ I often make fun of his hands as they are soft as a bride’s hand even today so soft to hold ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, even while we were discussing our wedding plans, my husband had asked me if I wished for anything and I expressed to him my desire to taste a wedding cake which was often not served to the wedding guests. I would be tempted to taste those huge wedding cakes in a wedding yet not a piece of which would reach to the wedding guests. So I informed my husband about my desire to serve our wedding cake to every guest attending the wedding and wow..he did it ! On our reception stage as well, we were all by ourselves…mesmerized by God’s greatest miracle at work. I did not have to smile for each photograph I was just floating in joy. Nearly 90% faces were new to me yet it did not bother me as their love towards me – a complete stranger was just flowing through their smiles and their hearts.

Years from that day, today I do not hold any regrets from our wedding day. It was not a very extravagant event in terms of external decorations, clothes, food for we had put a financial barrier to all of those. To be honest – it was not an event at all – it was a celebration of God’s Word being fulfilled in our lives. We did not have flower girls or dances, we did not have any external spice being added to our wedding day yet God was the center of our wedding and no doubt we can still rejoice over it. We had a very humble beginning and years later as well and yes praise God!!! that has strengthened our foundation and prevented us from boasting about what God has done in our lives.

Father, may we continue in this path that all what matters to us is just You. May we not be pleasers of men – running around to do what pleases every xyz yet give us courage to do the things that pleases You and makes You happy alone. May we glorify You through our lives. May our lives not be a stumbling block to the little ones yet a great encouragement to all those who wish to walk this way. And yes… May our lives speak louder than our words!!!Amen. 

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