I’ve always wondered about the love of CHRIST!!! While reading the gospels and even other books of the Bible, I somehow observed that JESUS expressed His love and care in a very subtle way, never explicit…..the only and the greatest explicit display of His love for us was the Cross!!

When Saul encountered Jesus during his journey to Damascus, the words of JESUS would always make me think aloud. JESUS spoke so differently, so subtly…so with His disciples. It was never that emotional kind of dialogue that we normally find in many Christian songs especially many Tamil gospel songs.

I think I could use this illustration to explain it. I’ve seen a difference in the love expressed by Uncle and Aunty. Uncle’s love is more subtle. It’s not the emotional kind of teary love. This is a love that always encourages me and pushes me forward. It is never afraid that I would get offended and thus is quick to reproof.” I am loved here”.

Aunty’s love is exactly the opposite. It is caring and explicit. It’s teary and emotional. It is visible and is slow to reproof. “I feel loved here”.

Ruth once spoke to me like this… ‘Jesse You’ll marry someone who loves u’…..Il marry someone who makes me feel loved’. Simple words yet strong and very thought provoking!

I cannot recall of many incidents wherein God dealt with me in a very explicit manner, it has mostly been subtle. I believe it’s to test me. To see if I can see/find Him in everything – every circumstance!! or consider everything to be a mere coincidence or the work of man.

There is a difference between being loved and feeling loved…which one do you prefer?

I believe the first is never possible until you have the love of Christ within you. The first would help you grow in maturity, would correct you, wouldn’t fear that you would get offended = It’s a balance of  Grace and Truth.

The second is only ‘Grace’!! Your eternal good is at stake here. Hope you are getting it. By grace I mean ‘being graceful and…..’.

It amazes me how God deals with His children. I am reminded of this incident that I had once read in the book written by Richard Wurmbrand – Torture for Christ( searched online for the exact phrase couldn’t get any) yet still depending on my God given memory let me try to quote it,

One particular day, having been discouraged by the enormous extent of his trials, Richard cries out to God…WHY? And he hears a soft Voice and this Voice speaks to him?

  • Who are you ? asks the Voice

Richard being confused by this sort of a question begins to look out for a response….!! What should I reply…? His mind prompts him to say – a Christian’ yet if he says ‘a Christian’ he knows it very well that millions of Christians had willingly given up their bodies  to living lions and their persecutors, just for the sake of CHRIST.

  • The question was repeated….

Richard thinks of replying  ‘Richard’….his first name yet he was again reminded  of the great servant of God ‘Richard’ who had given up his life as a martyr  for his Faith in CHRIST and so, he is unable to reply to the question.

Having no reply of his own…he keeps silent and the voice fades away.

That day, Richard Wurmbrand receives the reply to his question – Why LORD? He receives his answer and  never again does he ask  God this question again…!!

In the same manner we find Jesus encounter Peter and Peter was left alone with this reply…’you know everything Lord’ (John 21)

Bible speaks about hidden love…Proverbs 27:5

Love that is hidden and not discoverable in acts of self-denial and generosity , especially that which from the fear of offending does not rebuke a friend , such disguised love is worse , more objectionable , less beneficial than the plain speaking which bravely census a fault and dares to correct what is wrong by well tamed blame..{quoted}

So do you want to be really loved…or feel loved?

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