The path of brokenness – testimony of my friend

I know of a friend of mine, who doesn’t have a secular job, also she is currently not living with her parents. She believes God has called her to serve Him and from the time I know her, she has been lead by God differently.

I tend to sympathize with her sometimes. She had a turbulent teenagehood; she wasn’t very much enrooted in the Lord then. Today she knows the LORD as her Saviour, and the funny part is I see that her life has become more challenging than her earlier days. She has influenced me a lot.

Today morning, around 10, she contacted me, and I was really shaken by the message that she received from her Mom. I love her Mom and I still wonder how love can be so difficult to carry.

This friend of mine tells me, ” when she is in the midst of the darkest of the storms in her life, love from loved ones fail.” She wonders why God was allowing such strong lessons in her life.

Don’t worry about us you start thinking of your future, search for a man and get married, you are wasting your life doing nothing. “

As soon as she received this message, she called me, she told me that she was taken aback by the words – Doing nothing !! Yet she sought the Lord for grace and beautifully God placed the healing balm of Gilead upon her heart.

She replied – ” My Heavenly Father is getting someone ready …. I trust Him.”

Yeah you are living in an abstract world even Jesus became a human. He could have come in other spiritual form. I bet you will not get a man who will accept the way you are!!! Don’t take this ill-gotten riches, you will never be happy as it is filled with my tears. You remember ‘ …….’ She was so fashionable easy living, now in ……. as a missionary, I rejoice for her. But not for you. Because you left us!! This is not right in the eyes of God if God questions you, can you say we didn’t care so you left. Just start thinking and wake up. ‘ Do something worth’ not remain idle with computers at home work and see the satisfaction in life. Just living on others wealth, you are making yourself cheap!!  Do you think that you can keep us for a night in that house and in that place. Wake up before it’s too late.

She forwarded me this chat. I immediately asked her – what did you reply? and how did you feel. You know what – to the best of my knowledge I introduce my friends to the messages of Bro. Zac. So this friend of mine said……I took a deep breadth and remembered the messages on ‘ being broken’ . She told her Mom,

You have all the rights to say Mummy. So do I, being accountable to God for my decisions. If I am wrong, may God judge me. Do not worry, I will never blame you all again. Be calm- take rest.

I asked her, Did you weep.? She replied No. I was surprised yet her voice seemed tender and I did enquire why ? She told me – ” God permitting all these trials is bearable Jesse, yet i really am broken when those who should be with me – give names to my trials as – Discouragement , Anxiety and Disbelief.

I feel helpless to help my friend. I am praying for her….yet am sure God will guard her soul and direct her ways. 

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