The mouth that speaks too much

With age comes maturity and as said by Apostle Paul.. “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me” . And it’s time that I get mature. With maturity comes the taming of our tongue for we should have known by now that the most destructive part of our body is our tongue. It’s time we learnt this and begin to seek God’s grace to tame our tongues.

There was a time when I used to give my piece of advice to anyone I would meet. Asked or even not asked for, I was the one speaking the most yet I have begun to realize that speaking less and listening more can save many things. It can preserve the sanctity of our conversation and definitely our relationships. Our lives need to speak louder than our words and I have witnessed that people who are mature don’t have an itch to always speak. They listen, they are slow to speak and slow to get angry. They ask questions and wish to listen from you more than speak. Their words are like pearls that are not easily thrown  to be trampled away by men. 

I have been to the Gynic a number of times, thanks to my 3 deliveries and I stand amazed to see the way most Gynics hold their peace and answer the questions we ask them. Their willingness to listen to us is the key towards them gaining our confidence. They know so much more than we do, yet they get along with us at our pace. We have beautiful examples around us.

I wish to go this way – listen to what God has to say to me, and then next to my husband and children. If any Sister would like to share anything with me – I wish to hold my tongue and crucify that selfish itch to speak/advice unless there is a need. May our ‘yes be yes’ and ‘no be no’ , anything beyond this comes from the evil one. 

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