The ministry of parenthood 

Lord thank you for these beautiful gifts you have given us. We do not deserve them nor do we deserve this blessing from You yet You were merciful to gift us ‘these beautiful souls’ to cherish and learn from. The way I deal with them, the words I speak to them, the nature that I portray before them – Father… That’s the real me!!! Not the ‘me’ that my friends or church family sees. They see the hidden side of me. They know that when I am provoked or irritated how do I behave. They know the words that come forth from my mouth when I speak to their father – your son. They have witnessed the disagreements we have had and seen if we have been gentle or harsh with our words. They teach us selflessness when they cry for help in the middle of the night  just a few minutes after we would have crashed to bed. They have nothing much (physical) to give us… I mean not much gain to give and so my attitude towards them displays the degree of my unconditional love…and to speak even more higher – They even teach us.. the difference between – ‘A divine love or a Carnal love’. Every mother loves her child and wants the best for her child. Yet a child of God has a very important ministry as parents we have probably the most – integral ministry – that is the ministry of parenthood because we have a ‘live-church’ at home. Do I see the easy way out or am I willing to patiently nurture Godly values. Do I bargain with the children for their demands or am I willing to carry the yoke of patience while dealing with them. Do I want ease and comfort or am I willing to carry my cross of patience and continuously seeking God’s will for their lives. Is discipline merely for honour or boasting or do I desire my child to obey the Lord let come what may.

Father, you have given us such a beautiful ministry. Please give us grace to run and complete it.

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