The last – I Love you

Children are growing up. One has started going to school, we are growing old atleast a little more than we were a few years ago. Seasons are changing… Yes the awaited monsoon season.. All of these are changes… Big big changes…!

I was lying down on the mattress with Theodore and Oliver. They are just recovering from the cold, cough and fever that they had  been having for the past 2 days and that has been going on in cycles in almost all homes with school going children. My body weakness and eczema and a few other things that keeps coming up now and then and the normal routine of every home..keeps us so so occupied that we often tend to forget we are living amongst our loved ones.

I was getting bored and just typed ‘I love you’  in the search button of my conversation with my husband and it then struck me hard… When was the last time I even told him I loved him. He has been going out of his way to get me all that I need especially with the strict diet I am under now. He has been on the look out to get me stocks of non gluton, non diary products plus supplements plus iron rich fruits and the last I remember his earnest prayer to God,  “Lord help me to be able to cater to the needs of your daughter!”  and that has been really touching me. He is a sober man, not very funky, non very creative to express his love, never learnt to make a card for me ;),  yet did I marry him for the above said qualities.. Naaa… I married him because he was God’s will for me. And I can be the best of me according to God’s purpose for me on this Earth with him besides me. 
Yet, have I started taking this man for granted.

How about an ‘I Love you’  for the cup of tea he tries to prepare for me even before he can serve the children. What about an ‘I love you’  for placing me before all his needs. What about an  ‘I love you’  for being so gentle with me for all there years. I realized I had stopped mentioning to him that I really loved the man he was and is today. He is not the perfect husband any woman would desire just because I am not the perfect wife he should have. We are two imperfect bodies united by God for His major purpose on earth. 

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