The greatest Gift

It’s been a long while since I posted anything. The Lord in His mercy allowed a new syllabus to our lives – the fence of health was left open for a while and the children had been in and out of fever, cold, cough for nearly 40-45 days and that really shook our world, our priorities in life and made me realise that my world needs a balance. I have written a number of posts on how children should not steal time etc, the ‘Me’ time.. .. Yet this is  also the Truth that children are gifts from the Father and its our utmost responsibility to help, nurture and bless them.

Our life took a sudden turn when our second one developed seizure when his temperature spiked nearly 45 days ago. He is just 2 1/2years and the very sight of seeing him in that state – made me realize.. ‘stop everything – take care of This Gift’…following that all our children kept falling sick and we refrained from going out, to church or visit anyone. We did not even encourage others to come home. We were by ourselves and we realised we are a church of 5 members..!

I am a very different character. I like to do things rather than sit and relax. Same like my mother maybe! I would love to clean the dirty window and receive satisfaction from it rather than take a puzzle and play with the children. Yes we are all different for many reasons. Motherhood doesn’t just really change us! Yet.. Past few days the Lord has showed us how much joy we can bring to our children by making a few changes or say.. Big changes to our lives!
Our eldest is nearly 4 1/2 years yet I have begun to realize how much of a physical touch and assurance he needs. Pulling his cheeks and telling him – Oliver is the cutest boy on planet earth – makes him fly on could9. He loves to play the bolster game with Mumma… Not a very complicated and expensive one.. Just take the bolster and hit each other 🙂 This brings out a laughter in him… The sweetest sound I have ever heard. 

Theodore is a unique boy, he is Mumma’s boy.. Though nearly 15 kgs.. He tells me to carry him often. When he wants to melt my heart he tells me – I am hungry for Mumma..!! He loves to cuddle me and receive one from me. 
Imelda is the princess of the house. A queen size bed is also not sufficient for her. She is a typical girl and throws her tantrums when she wants to and that too quite often. She is a kuchi (stick) and loves to just rest her head on our shoulder. She screams when she is unable to get what she wants.

I can go on like this….. Because these are the gifts God has given me. If I ignore them today for mere hobbies, friendship or say even fellowship… I will be accountable to God on that final day. Not a day goes by when they do not add joy and smiles to our lives. Children are the greatest gift one could ever receive and they are more.. much more precious than mere gold, silver or money.

Taking care and giving my time for these gifts is much more valuable than giving it to the highest ranked VIP on planet Earth. May we continue to cherish them and treasure them as God’s precious gifts. 

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