Thank God for everything

I had the misconception that it is Jesse alone who is a big dreamer ….. !!! Morning received a message from Mummy…it seems there is a commotion right now in Shillong, on account of this dream.


“Saw a bad drm that ur taking things away sml toys trophy n leaving r house…… prayd for ur safty tak cr mrng drm coms true woke up shouting Jesse dnt leav dnt leav b carfl”


That’s my Mummy’s shorthand….she is more advanced than me to write texts with the minimum possible letters.

You know what? You need not ever say….life is so boring .. so monotonous … no excitement. Our Creator plans each day for His children, with beauty, joy and fun. Even in tears ….when externally things seem to be bad or out of control IF it is God that you trust….He is actually planning out beautiful things for you. He is the greatest surprise Giver …!!!!

Now, as a word of counsel I tell you even when He begins to unfold great blessings upon your life…be quick to acknowledge….” Father…thank You. Thank You for everything. I still love You much more than these blessings..teach me how to take one step at a time always bearing in my mind ‘the Source of all these blessings ‘

Thank you for reading …. for all timely encouragement …. May God continue to make His face shine upon you. You are special to me 🙂

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