Taking a step each day

Taking a step each day,

I know am closer today,

I long to belong to You,

Oh Jesus, Sweet Jesus I say.


May I continue to dwell,

In Your awesome presence,

It makes me joyful then,

Also, when I am out into the world again.


The joy of the Lord is my strength!!

Indeed it’s Your joy,

It’s not ‘joy’ alone that’s my strength,

It’s ‘joy of the Lord’ that’s become my strength!!

Selah 😉


Days of dismay has far gone away,

For a fresh new life has begun to dawn each day,

Down deep within and without,

Ahh…finally am i getting there today?


I can see the butterflies and see the birds sing,

Sounds of joy, of gladness and praise,

Of adoration and thanksgiving.

Yes, Lord it’s purely Your grace.


I try to halt my pen,

Yet it simply refuses to listen,

May be… it’s not just the butterflies and birds,

It’s me too, who has a new song to sing 🙂


The world cannot give this joy,

The glamour of the world cannot either

Have tried these in the past and poor thing!

They have proved a big failure.


Oh, You waited patiently for me,

Yes, sixteen years plus fifteen days,

A covenant established by water,

I had promised You that day ‘ I wouldn’t sway!’

(Sorry Lord, You have always kept Your word, yet I have failed many  a times and even today..)


Though, I did (sway), many times each day,

You stood patiently as You had done earlier,

Waited until I had surrendered my all,

My all to my beloved Saviour.


Now in the light of Your glory,

i have begun to see things aright,

That You are there for me,

There for me always, just by my side.


I’m not afraid to repeat an old phrase,

A phase that rings the bell within,

You are all sufficient for me,

Sufficient to me, I need no other thing.


Come Lord Jesus, come

Maranatha!! Amen

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