It is good to go through SUFFERING…!!! It moulds us and makes us more dependent on our CREATOR. It shows us how mortal beings we are and it proves that our self-sufficiency is actually a MIRAGE..!!

In midst of all this..if we STILL persist in our resistance towards God and His ways as Jesus said to Paul

Acts 9:5 It is dangerous and it will turn out badly for you to keep kicking against the goad ( to offer vain and perilous resistance),

We are in the danger of wasting away all the years of training and thus miss out on God’s BEST for our lives.

If Jesus Himself had to suffer to become a  perfect sacrifice for us…

Hebrews 2:10 – For it was an act worthy of God and fitting to the divine nature that He,…. should make the pioneer of their (our) salvation perfect through suffering…


Jesus was actually perfect in every manner yet for our sake, He was again made perfect in flesh (human nature) through suffering. Then in that case it would mean pure arrogance, if we think that this can be undone from our lives.

In Hindi there is a saying ” Tum kis khet ki mulli ho ” means Oh Radish, to which field do you belong! There is no exceptional treatment for a particular radish in a field. It has to receive the same kind of treatment like any other radish. So also, if we so boldly call ourselves CHILDREN of the MOST HIGH GOD (our heavenly FATHER) then… if Jesus being the firstborn had to go through much suffering … no doubt we need to be the partakers of the same 🙂 !!

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