Stay with Your secular jobs plizzz!!

It’s so sad, such a dedicated and holy work of the Lord, is in so many ways exploited by the so called greedy Pastors. Church is considered as another field of business. So I would say to such preachers – “better keep your secular jobs than dishonoring the work of God”.  It was right when Jesus said “You cannot serve two masters…. Jesus never said .. ‘satan and God’. Yet He said GOD and mammon. And we very well know what mammon is : riches, money, property meaning all earthly possessions. I knew I had a calling to serve the Lord full time and I know how I need to live with a dedication ….. not just me …. every true disciple should live a simple life like the way Jesus live. This doesn’t mean a poor life …a simple life means living a life that satisfies our daily needs….not gratification !!!!

If you need a four floor  bungalow… yes, you might need that maybe due to a large family or if you run a home business than that’s your need and God is all the more glad to provide each one of us our needs. I might not receive a reward in this life. Yet I am gathering a fortune for eternity. The very thing that attracted me to the service of God was ‘simplicity, dedication’. Now when I look around, I am much pained to see a totally different scenario. I remember hearing this from the mother of my friend, after her daughter failed to secure good marks in her public examinations. Her statement was like this ,” I don’t know what God has in store for my daughter, maybe He is calling Her for doing His work ….”

It’s a shame on us … see what has crept into us…what do we think of the ministry .. what does a full time service to God means ?

A “last option when other things doesn’t work out “

Or a “voluntary job after retirement  from a good bank job”

Or a “means of livelihood when our education can find none”

Or a “hereditary job that passes on from a father to his SON or GRAND SON..of course !!

If you are aware of the church history, the most intense opposition has come from ‘within’ than from outside. That holds true even today where opposition to a true servant of God comes from  a legalistic-Pharisaic- so called Christian believers…! Pastors who are money minded, who have never learnt to trust God for their needs, who are more interested in titles like Apostles, Worship leader, Evangelist, Bible Teacher…. Oh the list goes on…..!

True disciples are diminishing and becoming fewer in number like the statement in the movie

 ‘Gold through fire-1987’

“ In Russia I have seen many secret believers and here now I am see many secret – unbelievers”

Lord, now it’s a time to search my own heart with a simple question..i need to …because I’m young now and my foundation should be established now or never.

Why am I serving You –full time ??? options are…

– Not interested in anything else

– Money

– Honour

– Called for an assistance by a pastor

– Listening to Your call and knowing that it’s Your will for my life

– My talents fit into this service or

– I don’t know !

Jesus said…if any of you be a stumbling block to any of these little ones, let a millstone be hung around that person and let him be thrown into the depths of the sea.

Oh, my God!! Give the Spirit of conviction to these millions of Preachers and help them to repent because they are a huge stumbling block to the believers who are already struggling to follow You.

Recently someone suggested me to take up a secular job, a very good one ! According to the standards of the world to get my visa easily to USA…. Oh really!! Is my Heavenly Father so weak, so disabled, that I need to take hold of the worldly job as an entry pass to USA…..If it is in the will of my Heavenly Father, He can arrange me even a visit to moon…what’s USA, for that matter!!!

Lord, have we underestimated Your powers so much ..Lord!!! Are we running a worldly race not knowing that You are there to help us get to our destination in Christ. Instead we are keeping in pace with the person behind us and besides us. Have we ever asked You Lord…’Your will be done’. Instead we have been persistent in our demands to you and blackmailing You Lord saying if you don’t do this for me Lord.. I will die, I will never read the Bible, I will never go to church, I will never tithe …etc

Who do we think God is ???

I read this wattsap status  in one of my friends contact number…if you cannot thank God for every smile You have on your face …You should also not blame God for the tears you shed…!! if you find this write up useful forward it to the Christian workers you know ..who are blinded or ignorant of the Truth that …the love …yes the love of money is the root cause of alllllll evil.

And jesse would say Amen

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