Share… Yet sin not!!

Jesus forgave the woman who was caught in adultary and told her your sins have been forgiven yet sin not..! Once we are convicted of our sin, the Holy Spirit reminds us – sin not! Not once yet many times I have known to hurt the Holy Spirit, Who is the Spirit of God by what I tried to share something beyond my boundaries to another person. Yes, I have a pretty complicated life with a lot of strings attached: parents /in laws and uncle and aunty who were my guardian. While I wish to unburden myself with my worries and problems, now since it involves people, how do I draw a line with what I should share? While people are involved, very often we might uncover the nakedness of others.. Is it pleasing to God? How did Jesus deal with it? What was the attitude of Paul and other apostles with regard to this!

I have been pondering over this a lot. When I am weak and in the midst of a storm, yes I need help, I need encouragement and we can share our burden with someone who understands us, will listen to us, more mature than us and yes will not stumble by what we share with them. Yet, a spirit in me that always wants to cry out – the wickedness done against me, pointing out only the wrong in another person, spoiling the image of the person, glorifying self and never wanting anything good happen to them is not only wrong.. It’s evil. Yes, we are weak and by flesh we like people to be sympathetic with us yet that’s not how a child of God should walk. Again I have to mention this, a writer is inspired to write only what she is burdened with…! May God’s love just flood our hearts that we will not be bothered about anything besides Him. I might not like what others are doing and be disturbed by ‘n’ number of things yet why not I speak it out to the One Who controls the universe rather than people who cannot change even the colour of your hair. May I find my security in Jesus, knowing He is all powerful let come what may and my opinion about people and likewise theirs about me is fit only for the thrash can!!

Since my husband has started going to work after this beautiful period/phase of work from home, he returns very tired these days. While much time goes in playing with the children, by the time we hit the bed, he is already half into his sleep. So a particular day we didn’t speak much and he went to bed. I was awake for a longtime and then fell asleep. and then I had this dream. So after a very long long time, I did not even want to wake up from my sleep. Such a lovely dream, such a beautiful dream.  I entered into this new territory. I was showered by love everywhere. The person next to me, whose face I couldn’t even see was just pouring his love on me by constantly kissing me on my forehead. I was so so filled with joy. Everyone around me just had love to give. An enemy was about to defame me because of my past, and the people around me were gathering things(truth) to defend me. I was given a lot of gifts. One was from a little elderly priest. He had presented me His priestly gown. I asked him.. How can you give me such a personal gift.. Such a precious one.. I was amazed beyond measure to know I was loved so much… And I was so filled with joy…and then my alarm rang and I had to wake up.. Yet I wished I could stay there for some more time 😊

May I find my security in Christ Jesus. God loves me irrespective of what people think about me – good or bad. May we continue to do the same. Yes, I need to discern the actions of people – discernment not to pass a judgement yet to decide to follow the same or not, yet may my mind and heart and subsequently my tongue refrain from speaking ill about anyone in the name of sharing! Lord guard my heart and my tongue! 

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