There is something I wish to write today, also heard a message by Bro. Zac yesterday and was happy that he pointed this out. I actually wanted to write something else, yet am now switching it to this. Sometimes, I feel bad to write too much..poor readers.. πŸ˜‰ One of my friend says, my google plus post comes as a Pop out in her screen. Hope am not pressing it to hard πŸ™‚

Yes…this was something I shared with a group of girls in Mumbai during a youth session. You know what, ok just leave it..!!!

Girls and boys are created differently. I repeat it again. Girls and Boys are not alike and please do not expect them to!!!!!

Once, I had shared this with a person, it was a time when I wanted to learn and know about the attitude, behavior and nature of the male gender. I did not know much and so was going through many Christian articles and write ups.

Now, having observed a little and with what I get to hear from my friends, I have been able to at least pick a few. This could help girls, especially those struggling with relationship issues ( what else should I call it  πŸ˜‰ )

Girls are emotional being. I can tell this with 100% accuracy rate as personal experience speaks. We are softer and tend to take things too personal even when it is not that way. β€œHe is not texting me…..he is no more interested in me…” (wait a minute….by writing about relationship please do not think that I am in favour of it..BTW am not even against it..all I could say…if the boy is God’s will for you, being in a relationship is ok if you know how to carry it with a Godly fear  and with all holiness and if marriage is predictable in the near future..!!! ) If not, keep it away, dear girls. I have seen so many girls waiting….waiting….and waiting….for the rose to bloom. Bloom out of where??? Out of the cactus plant!! Girls, if you are someone who knows the Lord please wait for God’s will and God’s time. He knows the best for you. The end from the beginning.

Why are girls more emotional ? Because she will become a mother one day, now question to you..!! When you were a kid, who cared for your physical needs more – Mom or Dad ? Yes, …. soo!!! We girls should realize that’s a part of the great creation work…!! Kids are so tender even I get goosebumps when a kid suddenly grabs my feet and wants me to carry her/him. I feel all overwhelmed even if I do not know anything about that child. It’s part of the creation work.

Guys aren’t that emotional in terms of sensitivity I mean. Yet, they have their feelings too. Also, not all guys are alike.

I read this once and it was really meaningful!

Boys have their life separated in different chambers like Office, Home, friends, Boss, Girls, Sisters, Sports, Entertainment etc.. Yet girls are not like that. For a girl every chamber is connected to each other. They are not separate. So, if someone is unwell at home, she is not able to sit a minute at her work place. Her mind always thinks about home. If something has upset her, she cannot go out and play and enjoy, she cannot! So, if a boy doesn’t reply to your text it doesn’t mean he is angry with you, there could be some other reasons. Give them some space..poor boys..!!

Husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.

1 Peter 3:7

This is the Word of God and is true. Girls! There is no virtue is being boyish so that you would be accepted by the society. Be what you are. We are weaker and that is how we are created. That doesn’t make us inferior!!!

Girls are quick to understand and boys….. πŸ˜‰ I do not want to explain this..!! Girls have this 7th sense and can figure out things very well. Smart ..we are smart !! I wish to add much more..let’s see…!! Feeling sleepy now..!!

Why jesse..why this writeup ? Because many girls have started losing the virtue that lies in being a woman.

I love to cook, love to clean, love to sing and dance and love to smile. Ruth asked me – what if you get a boy who is not much loving, understanding..doesn’t care for you  (like buy you stuffs etc….) I told her, I don’t know….if I am to choose, I have my desires….yet….if I am to marry such a person as you just said who knows…!! I am willing to drink the cup…!! Above all …. as Bro. Zac says.. “Jesus, if You are in hell, I am willing to go there too”.

It’s all about God’s will for me. You can definitely have your desires and you can definitely pray about it ( many do ask me my expectations, especially my single classmates and knowing who and why they are asking me, my reply to them is { to the 5.5 feet – i say 5.10 feet} … { to those with mustache – I say clean shaven }   ….. { to those working in a particular field – I say a different one } and { if still people continue to ask…. maapla pathachaa? ..I say……. yen Perriappa call panni kelange πŸ˜‰ }

Finally….. I do not know about you, as for me …God’s will WILL alone prevail in my life !! And God knows I mean it…Isn’t it Father…?ο»Ώ

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