Purpose and Will – A prayer

Lord! What joy can I have if I continue to do my will and not Yours. I was created for a purpose. Purpose in the kingdom of God and in the body of Christ, in my family, among my friends, the society, in midst of my neighbor’s..!

Lord! I was blind until now….don’t just reveal to me the purpose You created me for, lead me also…and above all give me the grace. I need the strength and power through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Lord, prune me in areas where I am stiff. Encourage me when I am about to fall. Let not my faith and hope perish. That’s all I have now. Faith and hope in you Jesus. World can no more give me joy, it used to…once upon a time, ohhh .. it was all temporary happiness.

I need Eternal JOY …that life, light be reflected through me like moon ..so that I could take all the light from the ‘SON’ and reflect it to the earth. Lord, to render brightness even in dark nights….!

For many ……Lord!!! , their lives are like night ..dark…lonely..damp!

Teach me Your ways Lord, so that I could help other’s find it.

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