Our Stress Reliever

There are numerous days when Oliver really stresses me out. I might have shouted at him more often than given a smile to him. The mess he creates, the damages he does, his stubbornness and his rebellious attitude has made me cry a number of times. All the above mentioned things stand true yet have I somehow forgotten that Oliver is a gift entrusted to me by God. A gift that I do not deserve. God has given us a gift and I need to cherish him. Each time he buries his fist into mine , I need to cherish the  moment of God’s providence that makes me a body of comfort to him. Each time he wants me and runs to the bathroom door…vigorously knocking at it, I need to learn that he longs to have a continuous fellowship with me and requires my presence always.

God has created these tiny little ones to add on to the beauty of our home along with the mess and the numerous wall paintings (scribbling and scratches) and make our home a miniature form of the heaven on Earth. Can’t imagine our lives without these little yet precious gifts. As a couple we do giggle and laugh a lot yet when these tiny ones make us laugh with their simple and innocent gestures we often tend to forget our burden for the day and laugh out really loud and they do literally lift our spirits. I suffer from headache sometimes due to stress or less intake of water and so on a particular day I was having a pretty bad headache and feared that I might have to take a pain killer to ease the pain. My husband and Oliver weren’t at home. I began playing with Theodore and lifted him up and down on my lap. He was so thrilled and laughed really loud at every movement I made. I too enjoyed his laughter and by the end of this exercise, my headache had completely disappeared.  This is just a simple example of the medicine (stress reliever) called children.

God has given us these two gifts – two tender hearts to nurture , two tender souls that follow us blindly. May God give us the grace to take care of them and lead them as an example in Christ Jesus.

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