Our Servant queen

She indeed is the servant queen of our home and I think I am yet to be there. We are all together at Assam this season for the wedding of my youngest sister. We are all occupied with the little significant tasks here and there yet you can find one soul always finding ways of serving you. She is far from hale and healthy. She is diabetic, suffering from asthma and high blood pressure, she is a mother – 58 year old woman, and yes not a born tribal (because we kind of presume tribals are hard working folks). 

She is up before anyone wakes up. She is not seen or trying to push herself in any conversation. Her eyes and ears are attentive to see what each soul needs at home. She is only giving. She doesn’t earn a penny yet she is always finding ways to gift money or gifts to others. She is far from desiring comfort or a posh lifestyle. She hasn’t complaint anything about the condition of her home. She lives in a humble home and she is satisfied. 

One of my son was in need of urgent attendance. He had soiled his pants and I was attending to him. While my husband was in a meeting I couldn’t take help from him. She comes and offers help to hand wash the clothes. I was moved because I many times find it hard and unappealing to clean the toilet mess of my own children. Who is this woman willing to do that for me!!

We have had house helps at home and I have found a trend of almost everyone finding sweeping and moping to be a humble job compared to cooking. Yet I find her gladly sweeping, moping and squeezing the water from the toilet regularly. She is not bothered to be messy if that can help us all. 

They live in a 3bhk house and we are more in number than that. She and Papa get themselves a cotton mattress and spread it in the living room to sleep each night vacating and leaving behind their privacy and rights, serving others and their needs first.

Yes it is true – a Queen is one who is born a Queen yet a Servant queen is one who becomes one!! Salute to the servant queen of my home. 

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