Only old testimonies ?

Yes, this is a question I ask to myself quite often. Are all my testimonies old.. 1, 2, or 3 years old…don’t I have a fresh testimony for the Lord? Hasn’t my Lord done a new thing in my life?

If I am left with only old stories to encourage others than I might be just as pathetic as King Saul or the priest Eli whose latter life was deprived of God’s presence or His anointing. 

God had done  a tremendous work in our marriage and indeed it was a miraculous work of God. A rarest of all story.  Yet, the truth is.. It’s still a ‘was’. My battles aren’t over and I need not set a full stop to God’s doing in my life.

Father, let me seek to do Your will every single day and make my every step a testimony to encourage others. Anoint me afresh. I want to be fresh like the river Jordan having life flowing in me and not dead as the dead sea. 

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