On your {age bol du kya ;)} Birthday – 2021

Dear husband, you know it well that there was a time when I would laugh at the posts written by wife’s about their husbands…! Come on..!! They are sitting just besides you.. Why post it in public! Yet.. Today with the hectic and virtual lifestyle we are entangled in, it’s good to pause and think about you my dear husband who has been chosen and given to me by my Heavenly Father.

I have written a lot of articles about you – and by doing so I might have tried to give a picture of a perfect marriage with a nearly perfect spouse yet that’s not very true – you know that well and so do I!! Today knowing you for nearly 7 years I would say.. God makes every child of His very special. 
So let me ruthlessly expose you – First thing that comes to my mind is your public image can be outright opposite to who you are in your private life! You are so composed, quiet, shy and far from naughty in public.. At home paah! You are the boss of all crimes! You are the head of your tiny mischievous gang! You who hesitates to take a lead ever in public yet at home toss us all around the house with your rock & roll dance. You might be a brilliant automation engineer at work yet at home even your so called casual trial of swinging a stick/hand/bat/name it, would end up hurting someone especially me.. So you know it when I tell you – try all your stunts away from me.. I don’t trust you! I have heard from your family how you detested matching up with anyone yet today you would be the first one to point it out to me – are we matching? Not so.. Let me change!!! People think I am a romantic-bold and adventurous wife – yet our cameras are the witness to that – it’s you who would go an extra mile to add romance to our life. 

You are not a perfect man neither a perfect husband and neither am I! Not a single man on this earth is – you are yet a sincere person seeking to please God in all things and yes tailor-made for me! May God bless you as you fulfil all the plans God has for you and for us (you being the head of this house). I wish the children could mean it because you deserve to get a tight hug from all the three as you love them dearly and are most concerned about their souls!

My first wish to you was on your 24th birthday πŸ˜‰ and today I would want to wish  the same for you – John11:40 If you believe you will see the glory of God! We are both travellers on the same road and I really thank God for you. I actually wanted to write something last week itself yet I was so upset with you and did not want to write something I did not mean πŸ˜….

I do not know how many times I have thanked God for you – for you are a man who has encouraged me to be ‘real’ without any hypocrisy even in my writings!! If there is one thing that I could really thank God for you is – you have always told me to be myself just like Christ desires us to come to Him just as we are.

For this generation, nothing is more precious than Time and the people or things that one chooses to spend most time with are the people/things he values the most. Without doubt you have and are trying to give us your family your most precious time. Thank you for that! I have not once told you ‘I love you’ without a kiss..may this birthday wish go to you with one as such.

xoxo your wife ( Jesse Lalhrietkim Silas 😘)

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