On His Birthday 2022

It’s my husband’s birthday πŸ™‚ and I am really happy for him.. And his life  has been a great blessing to me. The days we had known each other well before our wedding.. I would try to greet him in a different and special way… This year even as I sat before the computer to try to do something.. Every part of my flesh said… Naaaa… Yet my spirit said.. Do it! It’s much needed now then ever before… If I could run for my beloved a mile earlier today I should be able to run 10 miles further… Love should never grow cold. If I was romantic earlier I should try to be even more. Love between a spouse needs to grow with every coming year.
So how was the last year. And before I could even thank God for my husband I would really want to be honest we have our shortcomings… Neither my husband nor I, are always walking the way of Christ though we seek to.. I have hurt him many times which he might not admit and yes, he has hurt me too. I have not cared for his needs many a times and at times I feel the same with him, and most of the time I have not loved him as I love myself. Yet in midst of all of these…. While neither I nor my husband are perfect, I believe God has been helping us to grow in love for Him and for each other. A few things that amazes me about my husband….

He listens……. We might be in a group or at the privacy of our own home, he listens. He might have tons of things to tell, share or advice yet he first listens…! It’s because he cares, he respects and puts others above himself. At times when he is incapable to listen he quietly goes to the kitchen brews a cup of strong coffee and brings it to the table offering me one.. And with a smile he says.. Let’s continue πŸ™‚ 

He gives his time…. Here I would speak for the children as well as they haven’t come to the age of speaking. He gives time to his children. There were phases where we had gone astray yet making known our priorities right through various circumstances, my husband makes sure he gives time to the children. Correction and discipline comes secondary. First is always love… And love will make us give time to our loved ones.

He is quiet in and out… Is that a quality? Yes it is!! The one who always has an opinion about everything and everyone around themselves miss out in truly valuing the people around them. I have witnessed him being quiet at work even though he can speak and make his knowledge and expertise known. As was Christ so should we too walk in His footsteps. He never cried out on the streets. He spoke to people, meeting the needs of each person who came to Him.

He is sweet… Everyone who knows him knows that πŸ™‚

He is a good husband…. what does a wife need? More than millions of dollars in her account or acres of property or even name and fame, she needs a husband who is God fearing – walking in the light, the leader of her house, one she can look upon and one she can trust her children could follow. Everything else is secondary.

He is humble….. Storms and difficulties, shortcomings and struggles… It’s amazing to see a man who is humble who still trusts the Lord. He doesn’t blame anyone for anything because he knows God is in control and he humbly takes the path God has destined for him. He might never touch the sky and bring down the stars for me yet I and this house knows the number of times he has knelt down and cleaned our messes. 

He doesn’t boast… He has never reminded us of his place in the family. I have never heard him boast of his qualities. He rather lives by example and his life is more authoritative than his words. 

Months ago we realized how important it was for us to be known by your name. Yes, you are a very special child of God, so special a true gift to us… you are indeed the leader of our home  (OTIC) and may you grow in love for God and for your neighbours in the coming year. 

You shall teach them [diligently] to your children [impressing God’s precepts on their minds and penetrating their hearts with His truths](by speach and life – the New covenant life) , speaking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up. (paraphrased Deut 11:19) may this be true in the coming days 

Love and kisses, Your Family We are proud to be known by your name The Silas’ 

Oliver Ephraim Silas, Theodore Judah Silas, Imelda Calvary Silas 
And your wife – Jesse Lalhrietkim Silas πŸ™‚ 

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