Never Judge or Mock Anyone..!!

So, looks like God has started treating me differently .. NO !NO !NO!….not as you are thinking right now…!! He knows His baby girl has grown up…. He considers me mature now !!

He is quick to correct me and is probably leading me in a pathway that is quite different…!! Not like those early years … it’s different and I can sense it !!

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; now that I have become a man, I am done with childish ways and have put them aside. 1 Corin 13:11

Recently I cracked a joke, the sad thing was that it was not on myself……..yet on Aunty……then I did not realize that it was a sin…I laughed , we laughed and even Aunty laughed. Yet when I got back home…..and listened to a sermon, God spoke to me directly…that if we ever crack a joke..’let us make fun of ourselves and never of anyone else’……… triggered directly to me that day……..that was exactly what I had done..!!

We had met a church friend of mine. She was about to get married and we met her in the church. They were known to us, yet Aunty had never met her family. She was along with her brother and parents. Aunty asked me ..’is that the boy?’ referring to her brother. I said no..and laughed and told that it was her younger brother.. (this was within ourselves).

Yet, during my conversation with her mother and brother, I again brought the topic and told it out aloud that Aunty had asked if her brother was the boy’, We all laughed at that Aunty was slightly embarrassed … yet she too laughed. I didn’t feel bad then yet when I returned back home and heard the message..oh..I knew that I had done something wrong…so there God helped me to rectify my mistake and I went and apologized to Aunty. The end 😉

So…. here’s an article written nearly 2-3 weeks ago…

NEVER JUDGE ANYONE..!! (John 8:3-11)

Here we see the incident where a woman caught in the very act of adultery is brought to Jesus and He is asked to judge her.

See….there were people around her who condemned her!!

NOW , for a minute place yourself in the position of all the scribes and Pharisees and place ‘anyone’ or ‘someone’ whom you at this moment consider to be a carnal, nonspiritual, wayward – in the place of the woman.

For some, this could even mean placing – your very husband, wife, sisters or brothers …..It is sad…for many their very relatives are their greatest enemy.

Now, recall all those instants in your life wherein you have justified within yourself that you were much better than that person..or how holy you were, how much you followed Christ and how this person now placed in the ‘Circle’ was the worst , hopeless creature you had ever met on the face on the earth.


Now…Jesus comes into the scene…….and you condemn her/him in front of JESUS. Probably justifying that some of your own carnal actions were a mere retaliation or result of this person’s action. You are so sure that Jesus is going to make a right Judgement and ‘yes HE would definitely do it !!

You are all happy within yourself…. to see the climax..

So, you are waiting impatiently for Jesus to open His mouth. You are just waiting to see the downfall of that person whom you think at this moment is the worst person on the face of the earth .. “OHH an Adulteress ….very sad….such an unfaithful woman!!!”

JESUS looks at that person……..and JESUS looks at you…and then says….!!

“If you are without sin, be the first one to throw a stone at her/him.’

What..???? This wasn’t what you had expected!!

Then the poor ‘u’, conscience stricken, would have to leave the place with your tail between your legs.

Now, if you try to recall and sum up the occurrence of this incident, though things were unspoken by JESUS…

‘ you are the one condemned!!!!! ‘ and ‘the one’ whom you thought was a ‘sinner’, stands justified in the presence of GOD. What a righteous JUDGEMENT!!

Those who have ears to hear ..HEAR..!!

JESUS is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever..!’ He never changes …!!!!

Here is a link to a strong and very edifying  message on ‘ why we should not judge’ please listen to it…My life is changing. Hope yours too does..!!

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