For the world – money and riches are everything….!! Yet those who know the Lord –they know this ‘Truth’ that – true riches are eternal!! I get filled with anger when so called believers come and share with me messages on how Satan wishes to touch our finances and how we should be aware or ….. bla bla bla……!! Give to God and He will bless you to the measure you give Him. Give Him Where ? – in the offering box !!!! –  RUBBISH – a total rubbish!!

There are two instances of Jesus saying to give something to someone

– Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

– Give your everything to the poor and follow me.

Equating money to God’s blessings is the most foolish thought one could ever have. To the person who had come to tell me how to make our finances grow so that poverty doesn’t touch us – I rebuked that person straight away saying that ” God loves poor people, they are much more joyful in the Lord than those who are rich and far away from God.”  Please do not come to me again with this kind of messages !!!!

Probably this is one reason, I admire and am really carried away by the pure devotion that I see in the believers in North India, especially towards the villages…. !!

God has blessed me …God has blessed me….God has blessed me ….!!!!  Oh my heart gets crushed within, when I hear this statement among Christian circles. God provides ALL our needs – this is the Promise of God. He has never promised to make us rich, if He wills let it be so and if not – be contended with where you are.

We do not worship God to get something in return that is a very cheap and selfish deal. Be ashamed of yourself to have any such kind of thought.

Jesus has done so much for us. So much!!!. Thinking about my many sins, some of which are too filthy to be spoken aloud, He died for those ugly sins and wiped them off my account. Today because I am forgiven and my penalty paid, I can go to the Father and call Him – ‘Daddy’. Who ? – ‘ I can call Him Daddy, I can approach Him with boldness….meh !!! Such a filthy sinner !!’ Don’t make the blood of Jesus cheap.

Repent! let’s all repent !!! Pray that this so called prosperity gospel is exposed right away and believers begin to see the real TRUTH !!

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