Let’s not Commonize Pain

Yes, I am not even sure if the word commonize exists yet I definitely find it fit to convey the message of not calling out others pain to be common and thus rejecting it.

It’s true not everyone is called to a excruciatingly tough life. We all do go through our share of trials and tribulations yet some of us have been called to an even more adverse path. That doesn’t make us any more special. The Blessed Controller of all things has weighed every trail and given to each one according to His will and our faith.

Every individual has their story to tell. Let’s not glory in ours and neither lighten that of others. Let’s just look at our lives and continue to praise God for all that He has done even for the hardest of times and how He has been leading us through. 

The most humble of men are those who silently endure all hardships and have compassion for the mosquito bites of others. It’s true I have witnessed a few of them and it has marveled my heart. 

Let’s look at each one’s struggle as a struggle that they are going through not as a struggle that we have already overcome. Let’s not compare strengths, abilities, potentials and as believers the ‘trials’. We gain nothing by doing so, rather our tendency of using measurements only show the state of our proud heart that nullifies the pain of others as being mere and feeble. 

Let’s begin to cry for others pain. When our 3 year old cries for that 5mm scratch on his knee, let’s not brush it off saying it’s too small yet let’s wipe his tears, and carry him reminding ourselves of our thousand such cries. When that sister fears about her first labour pain, let’s not tell her it’s OK as every women has to go through it rather let us encourage her and remind her of her Source of strength at times like this!!

Yes, every trial that a person goes through is a trail permitted by God for a season!! Let’s not commonize it and brush it off. Let’s begin to treat others like God our Father has been treating us for these many years..!!!!

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