Knowing You Jesus

Lord Jesus “take  me to a higher ground”. You lived a totally different life on Earth. You never lived to impress people ..No! not once. You did the right thing always…..always according to the will of the Father. Such a ‘challenging life’, such a ‘tremendous fear of God’. I awe You Jesus.

You always sought to do the Father’s will, even if it meant to stand against the whole world. Your values were always eternal. You gave people their complete freedom and not once dominated them, yet You helped the weak – weak physically, materially and above all spiritually.

You fulfilled all your duties as a son, so wonderfully Lord! You valued people Lord, yes, You did that!!

You were bold and courageous and at the same time wise.

You were compassionate and You never allowed the world to define You.

You had tremendous respect for Your Father, Who is my Father too J

You are God yet You submitted to authority. This is truly incomprehensible.

You cared for the people who clung to You, You provided for them.

You were not someone who would be carried away by name or fame.

You did nothing to seek glory for Yourself.

You were never ever selfish. You are God and still You sought the Father at every situation.

You never complained about people nor about Your circumstances …never Lord!

You rebuked and corrected those who were given to You by the Father.

You defended the meek and poor. Yes, You did it Lord, even though it meant to stand against the influential in the society.

You always spoke the Truth.

You were always willing to be a partaker of other’s joy and sorrow.

You were never ever judgmental about the ‘love’ people expressed to You.

You never ran short of words to appreciate anyone.

You were never afraid to rebuke anyone.

You were not a coward.

Your hands never restrained blessing others even if some or say it many were ungrateful towards You.

You never had the desire to become great in the eyes of men.

You feared Lord…yes, You did …never to do Your own will.


I can go on and on..and there are also many other things if they should be all recorded one by one.. I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written. (John 21:25)

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