Keeping sacred things sacred

There are many relationships in this world. The relationship of a Father and a son/daughter, mother and son/daughter, sisters, brothers, uncles, niece, nephews and even that of a friend, yet in the New Covenant there is just one relationship that is emphasized a lot that of ours with Christ ..a husband – wife relationship..a committed bride – bridegroom relationship.

No.. not a girlfriend- boyfriend relationship no …!! A committed Bride – Bridegroom relationship.

I wish to speak from my heart this day…while the whole world has a lot to say about this. They run from cinema theatres to shopping mall or even clubs in the search for a girl friend or a boy friend- a child of God should never follow this.

If you are even attracted to a guy, which is absolutely normal, you can take a further step only with the intention of marriage, if not I would plainly tell and I think I am right – Brother/Sister – you are committing a sin!! Playing around with a guy or girl is sin. Yes, you heard me right.

Es – eye – En —————————- SIN

You will never hear this from the world. They don’t know the Truth themselves. Their eyes are blinded. Probably the reason I would myself never accept anything (a word, a comment, a ride anything ) from a guy is that I wish to reserve these for my special one and that includes my precious time. Those who have ears to hear may listen it .!!

If I share these words of mine to the world…they might brand me as a behanji or an ‘ x ‘ generation may they!!

Have you ever thought ‘the glory and beauty’ that lies in the institution of marriage. I see it…!! It’s not merely about the holding of hands, walking down the aisle, the exchange of…!! When Jesus had to compare His church to something, He compared her to a Bride..!! Then indeed there is a ‘hidden  glory’ in marriage. I value it with all of my heart.

I have heard people sharing something like this… “I cannot marry a man who will not allow me to wear what I want, to do what I like to…”  When I hear such a thing, I begin thinking, people haven’t understood the Covenant of Marriage at all. Under this Covenant – you are willing to sacrifice and become one with your husband. Some say.. “I cannot if he does not have a house or a car….” Poor girls….!!!  Marriage is to them another job or something….. Oh to me marriage is Glorious!!

Marriage doesn’t solve the matters of live, probably many new ones would be added to it, this I know for sure. I once read this, if you are an unhappy person – marriage will not suddenly make you a happier person…no no no..!! You will remain the same….!! Please do not misunderstand it yet..if God,  even before sin came into the earth had planned marriage as a part of a girl and boy’s life, we need to value it much more than education, job, career, pleasure..or anything.

I am a veg, an eggitarian actually and I know it for sure, it will be difficult to make my demands after marriage as I do make to my Aunt..naa..I am not choosy…just that non veg is to me as bitter gourd is to others. So if I have to attempt to start eating non-veg after marriage….I will maybe 😉 at least will try to .. or atleast samalichify isn’t it ?

And before I close….I would like to encourage girls to have a boundary around themselves. And not allow anyone to trample over it. Look, I am in a ministry and so I hardly ever get to meet people who do not know how to talk. Yet, for you dear girls!!…right into the world, you might not have the protection that I have. I came to know about this while discussing with Ruth, my younger sister. The cooperative world..the parties…the picnics…social get- togethers…etc etc. Girls!! I would be really proud of you if you are able to keep up your dignity with the fear and reverence for God…not by your own strength… His grace alone. I am not asking you to be legalistic…do not speak to guys or so… I do not mean these things yet know your boundaries..!!! Girls..Be strong.. honour God and He will guard you in a wonderful and beautiful way..keeping every man thinking ..’she is different’..not for their sake…for God’s sake..!!

You need to be bold enough to guard your speech and let the scared words be sacred even if it hurts others. it with the fear of God…in a loving way. Keep the sacred things sacred!!

Also, what about your talks with married people. Boinu, my eldest sister shared this one night in Shillong. While chatting with a friend of hers..who was now married to a girl, she noticed he began commenting upon things that were not acceptable, he was crossing his boundary. She interrupted him, Bravo Boinu !! I respect her….a lot.

She rebuked him and told him that he was married and shouldn’t speak like that and also..’it is better we stopped communicating’, she told him and he agreed and discontinued the chat. Immediately after 5 minutes,, Boinu recalls….she finds him uploading the pic of his wife in fb with a comment ‘my dear beautiful wife’. Listening to this, Ruth and I shouted..’what a hypocrite’!!

Pathetic and horrible..!!

I found this article to be edifying….

When God builds a relationship, purity is not scorned; it is highly regarded. Parents and siblings are not ostracized; they are honored. Romance is not rushed; it is carefully cultivated. And sacred words aren’t casually expressed; they are saved for sacred moments. There is no question that God’s way is not the easy way. But it is far more beautiful and infinitely more fulfilling than any shallow, pleasure-seeking, self-built relationship ever could be. God’s way of building a relationship is perfect. Though following His way does not provide instant gratification or satisfy our selfish wants, the beauty of His amazing pattern is truly beyond compare. Only those who have fully surrendered to Him can truly comprehend this reality. Maybe you are struggling with loneliness and longing for marriage. Maybe you’ve made mistakes in relationships and aren’t sure where to go from here. Maybe you simply want a fresh reminderof God’s beautiful pattern. I encourage you to watch this film and be inspired with a vision for what is possible when you leave the pen in God’s hands, allow Him to redeem this area of your life, and let Him write your love story.

Remember that choosing God’s way always leads to victory and joy, even if the outcome is different from what we always hoped for. If you are struggling with disappointment, disillusionment, or impatience in this or any other area of your life, ask God to replace your desires with His desires.

Only when we delight in Him can our desires become purified and fulfilled by the One who created us and cares more about us than we could ever imagine. Truly, He is faithful

Only when we are willing to place purity above social pressure will we be able to inspire the men around us toward a higher standard of honor. This doesn’t mean you should nag, criticize, or belittle guys who don’t share your standards. Instead, guard your feminine honor by interacting with guys in an honorable way that points them to Christ and His standards. Even if you never open your mouth to speak, let them see by your example that your purity is sacred, and not to be tampered with.

A woman who guards purity may be mocked by the men of this world, but she will win the respect of a man who truly has God’s heart.

Leslie Ludy

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