Just One Life

I just received the death news of a sweet sister’s Dad whom I had met two months ago. I had known the pastor and his son for some years. The son now married, had a little baby who is called Jesse.!!

I had a wonderful time there. That sister being the only child had brought in her Dad and Mummy to stay with her as he was quiet unwell. Twice to thrice this Pastor ( the son ) would take him to the hospital for dialysis. The sister was a cute sister and very loving and we spoke much in the last day..she wanted a pic and even when we were taking a pic..little Jesse…snatched my phone and dropped it.. nothing happened ..I did scold her ;)…I told her .. “you  have stolen away my name and now you want to take my phone also..” we all laughed at this.

Now just received the news about her Dad’s death..ohh how disturbed I get to hear death news..no! no! no! Not that I am afraid of death..far be it from me…!! When I think about death ..this is what comes to my mind… Psalms 6:4,5


        “Turn, O LORD, deliver my life;

save me for the sake of your steadfast love.

For in death there is no remembrance of you;

in Sheol who will give you praise?

He was an old testament believer and yes he did not have the revelation about many things yet what I would like to point out here is ” with Death….THIS LIFE on earth would be gone forever..all the opportunities to thank our Heavenly Father would be gone..no more we would be able to witness for Him or witness about His  everlasting love. No more we would be able to thank Him for all that He  had done in our lives..no more we would be able to embrace one of His children who needs a hope…no more..it would all be gone…!!!! Forever – Selah

Yes..I will die and so would you..!! Yet with death it is all over…

ohhh..I am not waiting to go to heaven…see the celestial city..it doesn’t excite me..the golden streets and the crowns ..no no no. Ohhh! I would regret for eternity if I even failed  in one single incident here on earth to do what God willed for me to. Oh Father! have mercy on me… I have not thanked You enough..!! I have been selfish about my life, my family, my wishes… !!

To this I would definitely like to say..Ohh wretched man are you if you think that riches and material possessions are everything a man needs…having the latest dress design or the latest hair cut..probably the latest iPhone or any latest gadget…!!

Once I visited a church in the north…and  there we stayed with a family. On the bedroom walls   there was a chart prepared and stuck and this is what the chart read…

Target …

By 2013 – Car

2014 – so and so married

2016 –  house with … etc..

( something of this kind not sure about the exact words,… )

To this you might say….’Ohh..that’s bad “ let’s just peep inside our own hearts and check if another version of this chart probably a mightier one  is also stuck in there ?

“If I just had my own home…things would be fine…if I just had that job..I would be settled…only if I just married this bf of mine we would be the happiest couple on the planet earth…if only I had that salary I could buy everything I wanted and thus be the happiest person…if only I could pass that examination…I could get into that post…if only..if only..if only… Oh poor man… the world has blinded you so greatly ….I wish these scales fall off from our eyes…!! Let me share a principle with you here … ‘ refuse to look at anything twice which you know you shouldn’t and the lust for that thing will not have a power over you..I follow it and so am boldly telling you…’ !!

And so .. I come back to my old famous lines…

“What are we running after..a little bit of fame, or name or riches…”

Oh Lord..open our eyes that we may see… just one life……Oh  yes, we do have our needs ..I have mine and so do you..NEEDS>> I repeat it needs…. To travel I need something…tomorrow is a special day..I need something …to gift someone..yes..all are needs though..!!

‘God will provide every need of His child according to His will’…we need not panic …sometimes we wish to give something special to someone that definitely would cost much. It is all fine and definitely a generous thought to do so..yet if You are really serious about following the Lord and doing only what pleases Him..many times what seems to be very right to you might not be to the Father…I have experienced it numerous time…it is safe to pray genuinely.

” Lord I wish to do this for so  and so..does he really need it please reveal it to me..let me do what You want me to do to Him…” and You will be surprised that our calculations might be so much different when compared to His… Trust God He knows the best…!!

Christmas is nearing and yes…you would like to gift this and that..to so and so…just wait for a minute and ask God if He wants you to do it.  “LORD , I need to get this ITEM from Amazon or Flip kart — isn’t  it such a generous and loving thought God “ No no no !!! don’t think it so…. what’s wise in the eyes of man is foolishness in His sight…

1 Corinthians 3:20 “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.”

1 Corin 1:18

  For it is written,

 “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,

and the discernment of the discerning I will thwart.”

So… I repeat just one life…seek to do His will alone. ALONE!! nothing matters to be more important than that. Seek Him that He would give you the revelation of His heartbeat. Heartbeat as to “What is dear to Him” Seek to do that ….!! It is worthed ..!! Now and definitely for all eternity..!!

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