Just learnt a new lesson !!

So for the past few weeks have been driving a lot … 1-2 hours at a stretch …Why did I mention the duration and not the distance because… (when it comes to driving for Jesse ..time is exponentially proportional to the distance 😉 } hope You have understood it ..fine…!!!

God helped me learn a new lesson last week. It was little difficult yet He did it beautifully and He also succeeded in keeping me humble. So, we drove to a place in the outskirts of Chennai and it was a little remote area also due to the rains the ground was marshy and damp. Uncle has always advised me to keep away from pits that are filled with water as who knows how deep the pit would be. Yet, many times at the back of my mind I would take it lightly justifying it with the fact that the engine had enough power to get the car out of any pit…!!

Now after the second day meeting ..Uncle was inside the church and I like a mundrikottai (cashew nut) wanted to reverse the vehicle on my own, without any help in that narrow area devoid of any illumination, wherein both sides of the road were marshy and muddy.

I started the engine and one young girl who had served us dinner came running asking me ..”Akka you drive “?? I smiled ..’yes’. That’s it.

I took a reverse…I could have taken a short one, yet I was overconfident that there was enough space behind me. And then .. ‘BANG’…There was this loud noise..everyone came running ..what had happened? The Pastor’s son looked at the front and said..’poyidchi’ (gone!!) ..Ahh..I was sad..I thought I had dashed against some pillar or a rock..and the front of the car must have got damaged. Uncle came out and saw what had happened .. He asked me to reverse and raise..I tried ..the car was stuck. Lukas (Pastor’s son) asked me to come out and see what had happened and that raising wouldn’t help. I came out and there was a big relief within me…pah..’it wasn’t any rock or pillar..the front wheel had completely got drowned into the marsh’. By completely I mean completely ..!!So, they suggested that it had to be lifted. Thank God ..there were many boys in the church and some strong girls too..And they all helped to lift the car..1-2-3…yes..Praise God!! Then a brother helped to get the car out totally and yes.. that’s it…..!!

I learnt a great lesson – to heed to the elders when they advise you about something, also..to remain..humble…It was a small incident yet I was shivering within..!! Uncle helped me to overcome it and reminded me to thank God that such a thing had happened when there were many people to help us..Thank God..for His grace..!!

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