Just as I Am

This is an interesting phase for us as parents wherein Oliver loves to answer questions related to animals like which is the fastest animal which animal produces milk, which animal has a long neck, name a few marine animals etc. And while we teach him all of these facts, it’s hard to be taken aback to see how wonderfully God has created every creature unique and distinct. For example look at the jelly fish.. It’s a soft and tender creature and could be a victim very easily and that’s why God has provided it with an extraordinary ability to sting as a defence on it’s part. 

Now let’s come to our home -our family, friends and relatives. Every one is unique with a set of distinct character, values and qualities. How wrong it would be on my part to expect people including my spouse to have the same set of values, burden, interests as I have! It is very normal on the other hand when people do not understand us or sympathize with our situation as everyone sees the other person differently and as not what we intent them to see. 

The only person Who can and is capable to understand me 100% is my Creator. Last night my husband was playing some video of a politician giving a speech. He played it all full volume. He probably wanted me to listen to it as well. I was on my phone reading some news article. The volume of the speech was quite loud and I wasn’t able to concentrate on what I was reading. I asked him to lower the volume and realized that very often even I was doing that with my husband, friends, and near ones. In a relationship, it is normal though to share our interests and burdens, likes and dislikes and that’s quite healthy thing to do yet what I need to realize is.. I should not overpower the other person with my views, opinions and dominate his/her life. I need to be a listener first. 
The majority or tell it 100% of the Godly people I have met and witnessed in my life have one thing in common ( that includes my husband), they listen and speak less. I need to work a lot in this field and hope that I too would one day come to where they are. It is not that they don’t have something to tell or advice, it’s that they know the other person is an individual and she/he comes to me as they are and I need to know them and listen to them and when ASKED they open their mouths to release words that are as precious as pearls!!! 

Isn’t that with God as well. One of the reason I am unable to run away from Him is how patient He is with me. He listens to me – let come what may. I can discuss with Him any matter however insignificant it might be. He loves me just as I am because that’s what He has called me for. I might get inspired, challenged or encouraged by another person’s life and testimony yet at the end of the day God desires and wants me to be thr original Me – the me He has created for a specific purpose. 

Another aspect to it is the physical being God has created me. I might be eed, brown, white or black – God has called me the way He has created me. I might have lots of hair all over my body or be as smooth as the skin on my palm, I am what He has created me to be. I might be plumpy and round or skinny and tall – that’s exactly how God has created me and I am grateful. I love the way God has made me!! May I enjoy and cherish every moment of my being with my Creator!!! 

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