Jesus is a person

Yes !! Jesus is God and yet He is a person. Then how can i treat Him as if He doesn’t exist or as if He is only an ‘On Demand Aladdin Genie’? No! not so!!

First of all, i have to repent of all the numerous occasions when i did not show Him the due respect that i would have easily shown to any person whether known or unknown. For example, when we speak to someone or even message someone, do we abruptly stop the conversation and get ourselves involved into something else .. No !!

We all have the courtesy to at least end the conversation by saying a ‘Bye’ or ‘take care’. Yet when it comes to Jesus, we have taken things for granted. “If you will not consider Him as a person, He will also not be revealed to you as a person”. This was the mistake i was making for many years. I have innocently even cried in the name of Jesus…

Holy Spirit i know You – ‘i can hear Your voice daily…!’

Father i know You. – ‘i am witnessing Your love daily..!’

Jesus..i don’t know You as I should or atleast as I see many other Godly men and women do



Oh!! He never revealed Himself to me as a person because i never considered Him to be one..He was only God to me…By this i mean i knew that He was a person too..yet i never practiced it.


I never gave Him my daily ‘Good mornings..’ maybe once in a while … nor did i ever give Him my sweet ‘good nights’. I never smiled at Him when He did many caring and marvelous things for me. Oh!! I never considered Him what i should have. Life would have become so wonderful had I followed this earlier..yet it’s not late even now…!

Am i right Jesus ???? 🙂

I can start this today..from this very second.

You said it in the book of John..”in this world you will have many troubles, but be of good cheer..because I have overcome this world.”

What a promise! I need not be worrying about my future, my needs or about any relationship.Oh!! You have overcome everything !! Recently i have begun to pray this way…

” Lord!! may the level of relationships in my life be imbalanced !! always…”

What ?? imbalanced ..are you serious jesse ??? Surprised !! Yes that’s what I mean it to be.

Jesus should always be the occupant of the highest level of all relationships. It’s only after Him that  others would get filled. May it be anyone…even someone who is now very dear to me !! Jesus first….. then the rest…!!

So always an imbalance. Never should this level be straightened up, even after my marriage, even after i have a couple of kids 🙂

Jesus ‘THE First’ and then others….!!!

How can this be possible ??

  • By having a close fellowship with Jesus. 2) By the power of the Holy Spirit.


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